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    Daily report macro buttons

    Hello all, I am working on a daily report for which I wish to be able to have buttons to: 1) add a new day, 2) flip to page 2 of current day (additional reporting space), 3) flip to cost report of current day, 4) flip back to page 1 of current day after flipping to the other pages. Another...
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    Adding a sub using vba code

    Hello, I am trying to write a module that runs when a new page is created. I want it add a sub that activates before you double click a cell. This is the code that I have wrote so far. It does not let me run it because of a syntax error. Sub AddCodeForRange() With...
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    creating a "gateway"...

    what i would like to do is create a "gateway" where when i click on a certain cell it will open up a new page or open up to a different area of the spreadsheet that will contain more information

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