new sheets

  1. 2

    VBA - create new sheets from a dynamic list

    I have a worksheet named "RawInt" that looks like this: I need code for a macro that starts at cell BO6 and goes down the column creating a new sheet for each cell value. The data in column BO always begins at BO6, but number of records in column BO change from project to project so the code...
  2. E

    Copy to other locations

    the code below basically takes information from the main page creates new sheets and pastes them into separate sheets depending on the content of A. it starts pasting them on row 6. it pastes them in the following order A into A B into B O into C how can I get it to go into the following...
  3. E

    copy paste specific content

    I'm looking for a code that will copy certain columns and paste them into a new sheets that will be created based on cell value. for example lets say I have a huge list of data in cell A contain A 5555-01-120-121 5555-01-120-123 5555-02-120-255 5555-05-150-220 I would like to be...
  4. R

    VBA - copy multiple column data in to a list

    I need a vba code to copy multiple columns from sheet1 and paste as list in sheet2 Here is current data format in sheet1 <tbody> H G H I J K L M 16 001/2018 002/2018 003/2018 17 8000 9000 9500 18 London NewYork Paris 19 GL acct Name Plan...
  5. V

    VBA - is this possible? - Create new sheets based on dates submitted in macro

    Hello everyone, I am not sure how to do this or even if it is possible. I have 2 sheets. First sheet has in A1:B4 a table where in A1:A4 is listed "Name" "Company" "Date" and "ID#" B1:b4 is where I fill in that information for the information i get. Then. B7 onwards I have a list of Brokers...
  6. P

    VBA: Create new sheets based on a certain column

    Hello everyone, I have a column with multiple instances of recurring data (i.e. it says "A" 20 times, "B" 15 times, "C" 1 time, etc.) What I want is to get (in this example) nine sheets: A 1, B 1, C 1, A 2, B 2, C 2, A 3, B 3, and C 3. The 1, 2, and 3 are static names (in this case, Revenue...
  7. D

    Carry same Header to all new sheets

    I have created a code to create a new sheet for every unique value in column A. I'm looking for every time it creates a new sheet, it also brings the same header in Row 1 with it (there are 13 different cells for row 1, A:M) This is the code I have so far: Sub Test() Dim i As Integer Dim l As...
  8. J

    splitting 1 sheet into 3 based on value in column AO

    I have a spreadsheet with a formula in column AO which returns 3 results "TRUE","FALSE" or "No KB" i need the entire rows for the whole of my "report" sheet to send the data to their individual sheets depending on what is in AO. "TRUE" to sheet "Matches" "FALSE" to sheet "No Matches" "No KB" to...
  9. D

    Taking content of columns and returning in new sheets

    Hello, What I need to do is very akin to the following post: Mr. Excel Forum Post But there are a couple little twists. I’ve got the following scenario:A sheet (Sheet1) with some columns that look like this: <tbody> Billy Bobby Sally Joe C D C D C D C D C D C D C D D D C D D C C D D...
  10. S

    Macro: Coding Macro to Select, Cut and Paste Row from one sheet to another (Excel 2010)

    Hello! I am needing to code a macro that can select a row of information, cut it and then paste it into a different (already labeled) sheet. To elaborate I would like to select cut the information from "Sheet 1" and then paste it into "Sheet 2" in an identical format without pasting over any...
  11. J

    VBA to extract duplicates and copy in separate files

    Hi, For someone who is up to a challenge and unlike me who only has basic knowledge about VBA. I need help to create a macro that will do the following: I am currently doing a project where I need to create a report and email them automatically using vba. Below is a sample of the raw data...
  12. B

    Split Column by name with headings

    I found some code to split a column by data. What i can't figure out is how to add the heading to each of the tabs/new sheets created. I have included the coding I am currently using. Any ideas on what to add to make the heading of the original sheet carry over to the additional sheets? Sub...
  13. P

    Select data contained within a symbol and move it to a new sheet

    Hi, What I'm trying to do is load a CSV file and split in onto multiple sheets based on a symbol i.e. Column A;Column B; Column C Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data %% <---- See this and starts a...
  14. A

    Reproduce same sheet multiple times

    Is there a way to program a single button so when clicked it takes a very hidden sheet, copies it and turns it into a new sheet? Only catch is it would need to change the sheet name each time it is clicked. EXAMPLE WORKBOOK STRUCTURE: (fresh workbook no button click) MainPage(unhidden)...

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