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  1. H

    How to count Unique Client ID by month and year

    Hi, I have a table that contains visit data for a number of clients. I want to be able to count the number of unique clients by month and year. i have searched online and have not yet been able to find a solution. an example of my data is below: Client ID Date Call Type Area 1 01/08/2022...
  2. N

    New to VBA - Copy paste template if cell contains certain value

    Hi everyone, This is kind of like asking someone to tell me about the Universe, but i'm new to VBA and have been looking into it more (purchasing books) to get started as I'm seeing a massive need to help with my daily job functions. One I'm primarily looking at is trying to copy a template...
  3. I

    Help with VBA

    I am really new to VBA's. I am trying to make a "create PDF" button to make a PDF out of the active tab. The file name would be using cells on the active tab then the name of the tab and then another cell. I would also like it to prompt the user if a file of the same name exist and I would like...
  4. U

    FV Function (Future Value Function)

    Hi, I am having an issue in using FV (Future Value) function in Excel. I am suppose to be comparing four different plans. FV function works fine for three of them. I am hoping someone to have a look at my Excel sheet and let me know where I am making a mistake? Regards
  5. F

    First time coding, want help optimizing a long macro

    Hi MrExcel members, I've been lurking the forums for a while for tips for writing my first macro, but I finally decided to make an account to ask for help optimizing my code. I feel that my code is pretty inefficient and, while the end goals are accomplished, I have to go through somewhat...
  6. I

    Creating Pivot Table by VBA

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and macros and i get an error each time I try this. I want to create a pivot table from a table in the sheet called Training List and place it in a new sheet:I feel like the new sheet is causing the problem but I am unsure. Sheets.Add...
  7. A

    Row Match and transpose unique identifier

    Hello everyone, First post here. I have a problem and hopefully you guys can help me out. I have two sheets Sheet 1 is the transpose destination after a row has been matched. <tbody> <tbody> CA Nber Transpose Destination </tbody> <tbody> Net Nber </tbody> <tbody> Effective...
  8. Q

    Subtotal with Sumproduct and Criteria

    Looking to calculate a weighted average if there is a rate in column B, and then to be able to filter on other columns and have the subtotal update with the correct weighted average rate. Below is a copy of the formula I have thus far, where column B lists the rates and column A lists the...
  9. C

    Extracting Values from VBA Code to Store

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to pull the value of an item in my VBA code to get stored each time a loop runs if certain conditions are met. I have established that ShiftTime = "" at the beginning of the loop and then a value is calculated at the end of the loop, before moving on to the next...
  10. M

    Copy & paste to empty row in seperate workbook

    Hi all. Long time listener, 1st time caller. I am still learning a lot every day with VBA, having only recently returning to a position that requires me to use it again, and I didnt know much before! I have a UserForm which is populating data entered into 'row 2' on 'sheet 1' which I need to...
  11. G

    Move Data According to Date/ Other Specifications

    Hi there,:eeek: I am new to VBA and would like to perform the following task: - I have a list of parameters that I would like to transfer to a few sheets according to the date/location. I would like to have two drop down menus-- one controlling which area is populated and the second...
  12. T

    Using a qualifier to populate a form (or table?)

    I have a table with several fans. Each fan has one of a few different types (ex. axial, centrifigual, etc). Another table contains the geometry of the fan (ex. diameter, blade details, etc). I want to create a form to allow the user to input this geometric information for each fan. However, I...
  13. A

    Replicating Rows

    I'm a Marine currently deployed and have the fortunate opportunity of adopting my predecessor's database. I'm very new to excel and I know just more than "nothing" about excel formulas outside of the norm Sum/count/average type. I was wondering if there is a basic formula that would allow me to...
  14. L

    New VBA user - H E L P

    I am creating a spreadsheet for inventory use. I want to have a running total in a set of cells based upon new and different numbers being entered into a different set of cells. B8:G29 AND AA8:AF29 (are the cells that will have new/different numbers entered often throughout the day) N8:S29...

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