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    fail to open wanting-new-window via specific site's js code in VBA excel with ie automation

    Hello, I need any help or idea. I did as follows : 1. in browser, connect url, KIPRIS ( real site ). "some url" : '' 2. input search keyword and search "search keyword" : 'smart phone' 3. then click any hyperlink of search...
  2. D

    Macro to open IE tab

    Hi there, I have the below macro to open webpages and automatically log in for a number of sites however i am struggling to work out how to get the pages to open in a new IE tab rather than in a new window, my browser is set to open links from other programmes in a new tab which works when I...
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    Error: Data entered into two sheets simultaneously

    I’ve just been summarizing the strengths the students found in my course. The strengths were pasted in Column A of Sheet1, with each student's comments in a cell. I was summarizing them on Sheet2. When I finished summarizing one student’s comments, I entered the number “1” in Column B of...
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    Hyperlink in new window

    Hi, I am trying to run an excel workbook (with 7 sheets) via a webbrowser. Users have to enable macros to run three particular sheets on this workbook. There's a button on these sheets that hyperlinks to a document on a website via this code: Private Sub combtn_rule_14_whole_Click()...

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