1. R

    Combine transaction data by time

    Hi All: I have the unfortunate task of grouping several thousand transactions into 15 minute increments. The time stamp of the transaction is in column E and is formatted like this: 12/4/2018 9:08:23 AM What I need to do is provide a count of the number of transactions that occurred from...
  2. B

    Automate a Cell Value from TRUE to FALSE at a Set Interval of Time

    I've done a bunch of research, and I'm not sure a solution exists for this challenge -- but I would be grateful for any input from the forum. I have a sheet that displays financial news that is accessed from a 3rd party data vendor using Excel WEBSERVICE calls. The sheet works fine, but the...
  3. R

    Why does my formula display "RUE" rather than a numerical value?

    Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Robert, and I am very proud of myself as I am gaining more knowledge about creating complex Excel formulas to help me become a better middle school teacher. I am extremely close to creating a formula that will return a "2" provided a student's answer consists of...
  4. R

    VBA - De-duplicating columns, pasting vertical values horizontally

    Hello all, I hope this is a nice simple fix but I can't work it out. I have two sheets P - Paste and F - Front On Paste sheet, the four relevant columns are: <tbody> C M N Q 1 Advert Code Paper Name Template Size 2 Holland Cruise RT Kent Courier - Mon 16x5 3 France Beach RT Kent...
  5. M

    Copy cell, if content matches certain keywords in Google Sheets

    I need to copy the value of a cell if the contents contain a keyword from a list in a Sheet I have. You can see an example and make a copy here So if the news story listed in "RSS News Feed"...
  6. A

    VBA to copy news from website

    Dear Excel Wizards, Day to day I receive multiple newsfeed and I would like to collate all news that I find useful from a news provider or online publication and copy into a worksheet. It will be segregated by columns denoting the news title and the news itself? i.e. the code will copy the...
  7. E


    Hi Folks I've taken web data from sky sports for the premiership I want to extract the news alerts as the page updates I've tried H lookup to find Bournemouth News and return the information in the next cell but I get N/A =HLOOKUP(Bournemouth!S53,B49:B68,2,0) Looking forward to your answer...

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