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    Extracting hyperlink address in column of interest

    I am trying to extract hyperlink address from one column to a column of interest via inputbox. Find below my code Sub ExtractHL() Dim HL As Hyperlink Dim alpha As Integer Dim beta As Integer On Error GoTo ErrHandling alpha = InputBox("Column number to paste hyperlink addresses", "Your Input...
  2. J

    Find a value and copy column; paste to next available on another sheet

    I have three sheets Sheet1 , Sheet2, Sheet3. I would like to create a VBA to do the following: 1. sheet1 A1 is populated with a date. 2. I would like to take Sheet1 A1 and find it on Sheet2 in range B1:O1. Once found copy that column down to last value. 3. Paste the above copied column to...
  3. C

    Move next column to next row using macro?

    Dear all i've data like this: A B C D 1 John Willy Diana Chan Yu 2 male male Female Male 3 married single Single Single 4 Ohio Texas Las Vegas New York 5 yes NA Yes...
  4. A

    How to copy data into next available column

    Hi All, I have a worksheet for which I want to automatically input data in daily. I am stuck on how to write a macro which selects the next blank cell in row 1 and inputs yesterdays date (DD/MM/YYYY)? Secondly, I then want to be able to run a calculation (e.g...
  5. S

    Formula to look up data on date nearest -180 days ago

    I need a formula to use the data for a patient -180days from date of the current column and find percent change. Some of the patients are weighed every week but others every other week or every month. In that case, I would need the data in the date column nearest to 180 days ago and nearest to...
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    Copy and Paste Cell Based on Conditions

    I am not really sure the best way to go about this: I have data in columns A and B. If the data is in column A it will not be in column B. My objective is to move the data in column A to column B, as long as it is not a number with the color yellow in the cell. The data displays as follows...
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    How to jump to next column using VBA?

    Hi, I have a little issue with columns. A-------B----------C-------D one---- two------three----four one---- two------three ----four---------Count A = one---- two------three ----four---------Count B = one---- two------three ----four---------Count C =...
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    Alter this code to make it loop through rows and columns

    Hello my friends! I have created this code which turns a range expressed between col A and B - into a list in column F. So is the start of the range is 10 in A1, and the end of the range is 15 in B1, then f1 is 10, f2 is 11, f3 is 12, f4 is 13, etc. However my code is static, and will only...
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    Copy & Paste Values In Next Column From B2

    Hi All, I have two worksheets: "Pipeline" "Weekly Pipelines" I need to copy data from B1 to B4 on "Pipeline" and paste values to the next available column after B2 in "Weekly Pipelines". Would anybody be able to help me with the code as I have tried lots of different codes, and nothing...

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