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  1. F

    Excel Formula to switch sheets

    Hi Everyone I currently created the formula below which pulls back information from another sheet. However currently it only looks at 1 sheet which would be '28th-29thApr'!$1:$1048576. I was wondering if it was possible to amend this formula so that when i drag this formula to the right, it...
  2. A

    Looping through sheets excluding sheet name isn't working

    Hello, I have the code below which is supposed to loop through all sheets in the workbook except for the one labeled CONSOLIDATED DATA or (Sheet1). It then does a reverse find on column A looking in reverse order for labels that form a table towards the bottom of the data. Once it finds the...
  3. DDRA Steampunk

    Formula to lookup next not previous sheet and add 1 to cell on current sheet if name matches

    Hi there :) I have a workbook that tracks earnings per each day of an event, different events have different names, but many are several days long and some dates have more than one event on the same day. I need a formula that can look up the number of days I have on the NEXT sheet, then add 1 to...
  4. G

    Carry row over to next sheet added to the bottom of the table without overwriting.

    Hi experts, I am trying to carry a row over to next sheet when a button, specific text or checkbox is marked in column F, it will need to be added to the bottom of the table on the next without overwriting whats already in the table. Hope somebody can help with this! Much appreciated! Gary.
  5. G

    VBA question... i just cannot get my head around!

    Hi experts, Hope you're all well, I am looking to copy single rows to the bottom empty row on the next sheet when a checkbox is ticked in said row, deleting the original row on current sheet so that list is always starting from the top. The sheet will always need to be the current sheet that I...
  6. Mr Clickalot

    I need help Copying a row that is returned by a search to another sheet...

    Below is the current macro that I have, This searches the whole sheet for key words. It is ideal in the fact that it does not have to be exact. When it finds the entry it simply selects it but heres the problem; Instead of just highlighting the cell I would like it to copy that row to the next...

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