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    Excel formula to calculate average value from first non-zero in a range, to last non-zero in a range

    Good evening. Could you please assist me in calculating the average between a range of values in Microsoft Excel 2016 (or Office 365). I wish to find the average between the first non-zero and the last non-zero of each row. If I could break this up into 3 steps in the formula to calculate the...
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    Require a function to return a last non zero value in a column

    <tbody> Formula using LOOKUP function is not working for values generated from calculations in a column. I need to find the last non zero value. I have used the formula =LOOKUP(9.99E+307,1/(C9:C208<>0),C9:C208) the column C has values that are calculated based on other cells in the sheet...
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    Conditional format non zero unique

    I have a multi-column 4 row table with zero or positive values. In each column I want to highlight the lowest non zero value if it is unique - not quite the same as the lowest unique value, which may not be the lowest value! So must be a Conditional Format formula I am relatively new to Excel...
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    How to print only rows with non zero values

    :-?I have a spreadsheet that is setup as a master template to accommodate 105 rows of data input. How can I make it display and print only the rows that non zero values have been entered. The final print needs to contain rows A1:A12 and A118:A129 along with A13:A117 containing non zero values...

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