nonblank cells

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    VBA Copy NonBlanks from Range to other range

    Hi, I have looked at a few codes and tried to put them together (crudely admittedly) but have gone wrong so hoping someone could point out my error! I have a sheet with a list of tab on in Range I2:I23 as it can vary. I want a code to check each tab on two ranges, C5:H79 & C86:H160 and copy...
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    non blank cells

    I have a must requirement that if A1 has data, B1 should be either / or some other user defined text but should never be blank. This is just an example, I would also like to extend the logic to complete list e.g. from A1 to A25 and so on. Trying data validation and some macros already discussed...
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    Count Question

    Hello, I have a list of data that is generated from a formula. The formula either returns a number or a " ". I need to get a count of the numbers in my list. However, all count formulas (Count, CountA, CountIf) include the cells that contain " " even though no number is in that cell. Is...

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