not blank

  1. J

    Formula to determine which column fields are marked as NOT blank and input corresponding column value in cell on Google Sheets

    I have a spreadsheet on Google Sheets with essentially 2 tables. The below is an example of what it looks like, but my data is more complex and with a wider range. In the first set of data or table, in the rows down I have items, and in the columns across I have categories. Each Item (row) has...
  2. D

    "Blank" cells that are not really blank

    Hello, I have a large batch of data that, once generated has some blank cells in it. I am attempting to count a column of the data, using the COUNTA function, to count the number of cells that have content in them. Upon doing this, however, I realized that the COUNTA function was counting...
  3. L

    For, IF, Offset, move to next if not blank

    Hi Folks, I have a basic Loop and If statement fr populatnga Tasks/Roster type sheet. Currently, the code will populate fields based on the value in the range. What I would like to do, is if the offset cell is not blank, for the next blank cell to be populated instead. I have tried a number...
  4. Y

    CONCATENATE (Part If Blank)

    Hi. I'm making codes and descriptions for a list of products, the code and description is based on the product details (detailed in the following columns). Im using the CONCATENATE formula, the problem is some of the columns are not required for every item, but if I leave it blank the answer...
  5. B

    Alternate Row color on based on non-blank cell

    I have a spreadsheet that alternates the color of a range (C5:J500) or (=$C$5:$J$500) in conditional formatting selection. This part work great. The problem is most of these do not always have data. I would like the color of each row (C-J) to alternate color only if there was data in column C...
  6. G

    Conditional Format ISBLANK NOT AND IF ?? based on 2 cell values

    Hello Any help is much appreciated! I have a spreadsheet where I log materials invoices and I would like to highlight a cell if it contains the supplier but I have forgotten to enter the invoice amount (and vice versa). So if I have an invoice for Smiths and I enter the Supplier in A2 but if...
  7. H

    IF statement

    I'm struggling to figure out a formula that returns the desired value each time. Basically what I'm trying to create is a formula saying that IF A3 = 1 THEN return the value from B3 into cell C3. I'm having difficulties because its not a nested statement or a true/false. is this possible? Thanks.
  8. N

    VBA to Transfer (Certain) Data from One Workbook to Another

    PLEASE HELP! I will describe this as detailed as possible. GOAL: To auto-transfer data (criteria based/no blanks) from an online-based Sharepoint file to a separate workbook for analysis From (Source) File = “LabData.xlsx” located online at (made up) To...
  9. N

    Reference separate sheet but omit blanks in specific columns

    Hi, my goal is to create a reference sheet that only displays rows with valid data. In the below example (Sheet 1), I would like to display the same information on another sheet (Sheet 2) but omit the entire row for samples 4 and 7 due to one of the tests being blank. Does anyone know how to...
  10. K

    Count only if immediate right cell is blank...sort of.

    So I have a mess I'm trying to work with. What I'm trying to do is if column G or H has a date in it (isn't blank), count the cell as 1 and return the number. While I don't have an issue with that part, my complication comes in if there's a value (not blank) in column H- that is, it counts it...
  11. D

    Conditional Formatting Blank Cells in Row if Column A Not Blank

    I need a formula to Highlight all the blank cells, but only the blank cells, in a row if there is a value in the first cell of that row. So if A=value B=blank C=value D=Blank Highlight B and D but not C or A
  12. J

    Sum up individual cells (not a range)

    Hi Everyone, Having some problems and I'm hoping someone here can help. I've done some searching, but I can't find my issue... I have a spreadsheet with a number of "If Statements" that return blank if there is no value. What I am trying to do is sum up the values that appear when the cell...
  13. G

    SOLVED....CF based on criteria in 2 other cells - Not Blank

    Hi, first time poster looking for some help. I would like to set conditional formatting for a cell, based on whether another cell is not blank and also the cell being formatted is blank. I can do this with an AND function like this one =AND(B3>0,ISBLANK(A3)) when the cell is a number but mine...
  14. M

    Remove Blanks In Data Validation Drop Down List with a condition

    Hello everybody, Last week I had to make a report, but I needed some tips. Fortunately in the same day appearf this video of Mr.Excel. It helped me a lot. I would like to be able to make the same thing and select items for my drop...
  15. O

    Select and copy cells that aren't blank

    Hi Guys, I'm not sure where to start, so I have no code at all. I get many workbooks each week with the same format - data in columns A and B. But the number of rows will always vary. I want to make a macro that will select and copy only the cells with data into them into another workbook...
  16. R

    select row if cell in column h is NOT blank

    I'm trying to come up with a marco solution that will select rows if the cell in column H is NOT BLANK. From there I think it will be rather easy to cut these rows and paste them in another workbook (that's filename does not change) at the end of the worksheet (in the first row that is...

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