1. G

    Convertic scientific notation to text format

    Hi, I'm trying to convert the following string (135087E67) to text but excel keeps returning me scientific notation instead. All I get is 1.35087E+72. How can I force Excel to convert it as text and keep it as 135087E67 and not convert it to scientific notation once I create a .csv file from...
  2. B


    Hi Using the above notation: Sheets(x).Range(xx).select produce a run time error 1004 select method of range class failed. I have a VBA taking data from sheets(x).range(x) and placing it in sheets(y).range(y) What should be the correct notation for this simple task?
  3. H

    Need a value to be in exponential format and then converted to a text with a symbol in the front.

    Greetings I use the following notation to report certain values. >1.000 <0.0001 These values are in units of micromolar. I would like some code to convert them to the following. >1.00E-06 <1.00E-10 I have something like this.. Sub Tidy_IC50() ' Tidy IC50 value if >1.000000 Dim dData As...
  4. D

    Using form controls with scientific notation

    Can you control a cells value( scientific notation ) with for example the spin control to scroll for example from <colgroup><col width="709"></colgroup><tbody> 1.00E+01 1.00e+02 1.00e+e03 etc im using this cell as an input into a much larger set of data that will change as you spin up...
  5. H

    excel : remove scientific notation

    Hi, May I know is it possible to remove "E+02" from 3.840000E+02 to become 3.840000? I know the value is before and after is different but is it possible? Hope you guys can help me.
  6. E

    Pivot Table with Scientific Notation - COPY/PASTE

    On my pivot table most of the numbers are "normal" but some display in scientific notation (-1.4210854715202E-14). When I change the format in Field Settings to number they look normal. However, when I copy and paste the data to another sheet (as values) it displays in scientific notation...
  7. M

    Avoid Using R1C1 notation in VBA

    I am trying to work out how I can replace RICI notation with names in my worksheet in a formula array . This works. Range("M3").Select Selection.FormulaArray = _ "=IFERROR(INDEX(Expense2, MATCH(0,IF(ISBLANK(Expense2),1,COUNTIF(R2C13:R[-1]C, Expense2)), 0)),"""")"...
  8. books4cars

    VB Code problem.

    I use the following vb code every day in excel: Sub prop() Dim rng1 As Range, c As Range Set rng1 = Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, [A:G,I:O,Q:IV]) If Not rng1 Is Nothing Then For Each c In rng1 c.Value = WorksheetFunction.Proper(c.Value) Next End If [P:P].Replace "non", "" [P:P].Replace...

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