numeric values extracting

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    Outlook attachment + Numeric Cell

    Hi all, I am trying to create an email where attachment has a some generic folder path but with cell value changes the final folder location example "\\server\nextfolder\nextfolder" & finalfoldername add all files in folder as attachment in email but I want my finalfoldername to be a...
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    print numeric and alphanumeric value

    Hello everyone i have developed to send a email via outlook the code seems to be fine ,but i just have small problem , i have to print numeric and alpha numeric value from the cell but my code doesn't allow to do that, it shows error. the code is working fine when i use alphabets in the cell but...
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    Replacing Alpha Characters (english + non english) with single space.

    Hi, Looking for an easy solution to my data, which have cells consisting Numbers, alpha characters, symbols, again numbers. The location of numbers are not fixed, and sometime there is alpha characters , numbers, alpha characters, numbers, ... Question: how can i replace all the alpha...
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    extracting numberic values from text

    Is there a formula to extract a numberic value from a cell containing both text and numbers? I have a list of my retail stores which contain their "store number" and their "address" but not always in the same order and because they are all different addresses the length is different for each...

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