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    [VBA] Copy Range from Excel Paste into Word Autofit Contents to Window & Page & Keep Source Format

    The title pretty much sums up what I am trying to accomplish but have had no luck whatsoever. I'm trying to copy a range from an excel worksheet to word but when I do, it changes the text formatting and the table extends beyond the first page (both to the right and onto the next page). So I'm...
  2. C

    Saveas active word document in specific folder

    I am using the below code to copy values from excel and paste into word document and the macro is working fine . I am facing the issue while doing saveas word documents could you please help me with the code which can saveas the documents in specific folder and close the original document...
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    issue printing a word document from excel after selecting a printer

    Hi Guys I Have an issue with he code below that i have been struggling with for a while, what i want to do is print a word document to a printer that has been selected Dim objWord Dim objDoc Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") Set objDoc =...
  4. R

    transfer cell(s)/tables from excel to word bookmarks

    Hi, I am new to VBA and am struggling with how to transfer information from my excel spread sheet to predetermined bookmarks, within a word document. I have managed to workout how to transfer individual cells, however I am stuck with transferring tables? my code is below, any help appreciated...
  5. T

    Copy a range sheet and paste in Microsoft word as an image using vba

    Please I need you guys help on this...I successfully copied and pasted a sheet as an image on word using the below VBA codes Sub luxation () Dim objWord, objDoc As Object Activewindow.view=xlNormalView Range(“B2:S73”).select Selection.copy picture Appearance:=xlscreen, Format:=xlPicture...
  6. A

    VBA to copy data in Excel and export to Word Document

    Hi all, I am currently working on a VBA code where I am trying to export data from a cell in Excel to bookmarked location(s) in a Word Doc. VBA Code features I am currently struggling with are.. 1) VBA code to automatically replace the text that is in the bookmarked location of the Word Doc...
  7. M

    The last line of this code puts EXCEL into some kind of continuous loop

    When my program executes the last line of this code, it puts Excel into a seemingly endless loop. The only to do at this point is just kill the program with Task Manager. Anybody know what's going on or how to fix it? Sub OpenDoc(File_Name) ' Open a file. ' 9/25/17 Copied from...
  8. R

    Bad filename error

    Hi all, been some time since I've worked VBA. Pulled up an old code but it isn't working. Basically, I'm trying to open a Word document to do some data crunching. Dim objWord Dim objDoc Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") Set objDoc =...

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