1. Welsh Mark3

    Count if Value meets or exceeds criteria

    <tbody> Month Value Desired Result 1 25 2 1 25 2 2 15 1 2 20 1 </tbody> I am looking to try and create a formula that counts occurances from a given date range >=20 So in month one the result would be 2 in month 2 the result =1 Your help is greatly appreciated
  2. T

    Organizing data with VBA

    Hello, I'm looking for some help re-organizing some data and am hoping to use VBA to do it. The current macro gets us to this point, but now I'm stuck. What we want to do is change this: <tbody> A a x b x c x d1 x d2 x d3 x d4 x e x f x g x...
  3. E

    Macro to count occurances of decimal value

    Looking for a macro that can count the occurrences of the decimal values in column O2-O20 and count and write them from highest to lowest in Q2-Q20 .Any help much appreciated https://files.fm/u/6k5ug2cq#/view/Count.jpg P.S Your upload picture dont work on this website
  4. N

    trying to figure conditional format for 2 columns of ID's

    I have 2 columns of ID's, both of which may contain duplicates or blanks. What I need to do is if an ID in column A has textlonger than 3 characters in the same row in column B then *every occurance* of that Id in column A should be coloured red. I am basically flagging up that if an Id in...
  5. S

    Count cells, not occurances, with multiple criteria

    I'm trying to count the number of cells in column B (B1:B8) that contain one of a couple of words from a list (C1:C3), not occurances. Also, I only want the cells counted if the dates next to them in column A are older than Today()-60. The cells in column B sometimes contain more than one word...
  6. T

    Macro VBA: counting occurances in column - percentage

    Hello friends, I'm working with a database full of records. Most of them are duplicated. The code is importing a excel file. Arrange the data by column A. Replace data in column C. Converts time format. Add a new sheet. Also, it counts the records in column A and put the occurances in Sheet2...
  7. Y

    DAX - last occurrence in a month

    I have [income]- (REVENUE) table of accounts, each account can have multiple instances for one month. how can I find the last occurrence of all the accounts in a month (and then summarize all of these latest occurrences)? account revenue revenue_date 1 100 2010-01-01 1 200...
  8. M

    Counting the number of occurances of a word in a column of variable length.

    Hello Y'all, I have a spreadsheet with adverse event data. Column A has the adverse event term exactly as the staff member entered it into the database. I am working on creating a report that counts the number of instances that an AE term appears in column A. The issues that I am having trouble...
  9. K

    Count number of occurances for each full 7 day week

    Hi - I am trying to figure out a formula in Excel 2007 that will count how many meetings take place in any given full 7 day week ongoing (but always Sunday-Saturday). Column A has the meeting start date, column B has the meeting end date. The formula should highlight those meetings that fall...
  10. B

    Count occurrances in a range

    I have a range B2 to F35 but this range size can change. In the headings I have shooting range numbers and down column A, I have times in sequential order from the earlies to latest time. In the range I enter squad numbers so each squad gets to shoot. The number of ranges can vary as can the...
  11. T

    Formula to count occurances in a given date range

    I am needing to count the number of calls in a call center between certain hours by date. Column A is the date, Column B is the time of the call. I am needing to know how many calls occurred on X date between the hours of y and z. I have tried various forms of the countif and sumproduct but...
  12. M

    Help with creating a macro...

    I have a list of items in column A. I need to replace all the occurances of the word tor1 with the value in b1. The value in B1 changes frequently. Could someone help me write a macro that would accomplish this?
  13. D

    HELP plz?? Trying to count number of occurances in 1 column, that occur between dates in another

    Hi, I've been struggling to get my head around, what is possibly a simple formula.. heads fried.. Column A Column B A 03/01/2008 A 15/01/2008 A 29/01/2008 B...

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