1. ScottDarth

    VBA ODBC Activity is crashing Excel

    I'm trying to write some code that will iterate through rows in an Excel spreadsheet (I'm using Excel 365 Version 1908). For each row, it'll check to see if that row's "unique identifier" exists in a database. It *happens* to be a DB2 database, but it could be any ODBC source. I'm trying to...
  2. M

    ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed

    Hello All, I have an excel workbook which is linked to an Access Query via the Data>Get Data Essentially, each morning, as new data becomes available I right click and hit refresh and it updates for me. The past couple of days I have started to receive the following: "ODBC Microsoft Access...
  3. L

    ODBC Connection to Access in 365

    Hi, I have a file in which I created a new ODBC connection to a query in our Access DB in Office 365 by going to Data > Get Data > From Database > From Microsoft Access Database and searched for the query and added it. It works fine and refreshes for me; however, my peer is getting an error...
  4. C

    Large, unstable ODBC file

    HI, How large are ODC files? I have one that is 3mb, even when I reduce it to a few lines. Itis slow and lumbering. Is this normal fo ODBC files? Thanks
  5. D

    Parameter in ODBC PowerQuery

    Hi Everyone, I've tried to use a parameter from Excel cell to modify an ODBC Query from AS400 Database like this: let BUPKTO = Kunde, Quelle = Odbc.Query("dsn=AS400", "SELECT BBU00.BUFNR, BBU00.BUBHKZ, BBU00.BUPKTO, #(lf)FROM WWC400.WEXFILE.BBU00 BBU00#(lf)WHERE (BBU00.BUFNR='01') AND...
  6. L

    Excel VBA connection to MYSQL using Transactions

    I need to write to multiple tables in my MySql database from excel (possibly 20 plus). I will be needing to use PK of certain tables i update as FK of others. I would really like to use Transactions to insure all information is update and if something errors out for any reason then i can...
  7. P

    Found connection problem when run VBA to direct connect Oracle Database

    Hi, Currently, I write VBA script to connect Oracle Database by using ODBC. But I found connection problem until I do steps to success inquiry to get data as followings: 1. Open excel file > Tab "Developer" > Visual Basic > Run button to get data Found error message Run-time error...
  8. j3andc

    Conditional formatting in ODBC query

    I have a ODBC query where I want to highlight certain rows when a cell contains the number 1. This last cell is outside of the ODBC query. So far I cannot get the whole row to highlight only one cell. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim S.
  9. S

    ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed

    Hi, I have an excel spreadsheet that has a MS query where it pulls data from an Access database query. This has always worked fine up until now. When i attempt to run/refresh the spreadsheet i get the message: ODBC Microsoft Access Driver login failed C:\users\****\desktop\predictor.2015.mdb...
  10. Alex O

    Adding a User Form to ODBC file?

    I’m constructing an inventory file that’s ODBC linked. Said file will be handed off to a clerical assistant when finished. Can a user form be added to edit the query when adding client numbers, or will the user have to edit the actual sql script? If so, are there any tutorials that any of you...
  11. T

    Macro to copy cells due to certain cell value and past to bottom of rows on a new sheet

    Hi, I am having difficulty with a copy and paste macro. I currently have a workbook in which I have a "Master" Sheet and a "ODBC" Sheet. I am wanting a macro to look at cell values on the ODBC sheet in column T and if they read "New Starter" I am wanting it to copy the aligning cells from...
  12. H

    ODBC - SQL Statement help

    Hi all, I am using a SQL statement via ODBC to query a CRM table. I want to group the results by number of appointments in a month by company. So my raw data example is Company Name Appointment Date Appointment Type Joe Bloggs 01/01/2018 Audit Joe Bloggs...
  13. C

    Connect to a database without a driver

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  14. C

    Connect to MySQL without ODBC

    Hello, I have question regarding downloading data from database in MySQL to Excel. For my colleagues I want to make application in Excel that connects to my tables in MySQL and download data. They will need to install my add-in and I do not want to bother them with installation of ODBC driver...
  15. P

    Some columns gets blank in pivot source data

    I have existing excel (ver 2010) with pivot. This excel is refreshed programmatically from c# application. The pivot is created with OBDC with sql stored procedure (which returns the sql table after performing some business logic) to pull the data. When the excel is refreshed programmatically...
  16. C

    excel vba on refresh odbc deadlock victim

    I have an excel file in which I have made three data connections using the data connection wizard. the option first selected was "ODBC DSN". I have unchecked the "refresh every XX minutes" option since sometimes when refreshing I get a popup window with an OK button that states that there was a...
  17. K

    ODBC Error

    I am trying to set up an odbc connection between sage 24 and excel and getting an error "Microsoft mashup interface error". The error appears when I try to the macro recorder to select fields to import via excel. Do you have any ideas ? Thank you. kind regards Kapil
  18. D

    ODBC SQL - using a string for a parameter

    Hi been using ODBC SQL queries for 12months plus, not a huge user of VBA. I am wondering when using a parameter query can I create a string for multiple criteria currently I can use a single criteria customer = ? [and link it to a parameter in cell a1] but anyone know a way I can do...
  19. M

    Reusing an ODBC connecting in Office 365 ProPlus

    I used to use office 2016 and I could go to existing connections, select a file dsn and connect via ODBC to JDE iseries to run a query. Now on ProPlus, the file dsn no longer work, so I set up all the connections again and they are stored in "PowerBI style" with "Global Permissions" but I...
  20. J

    ODBC data source link for Power BI or Excel Power Query

    any experiences configuring ODBC data source links for Power BI or Excel Power Query?

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