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    Invisible Map

    I created a workbook where one of the tabs is a map composed of seperate freeform shapes. When you click a state, it runs a filtering/copy-paste code which brings up a userform listing sales data for that state. My problem is that it was created using Excel 2010, I saved it as a 2003 xls. and...
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    Freeform Drawing not visible

    I have a project built in Excel 2010 but saved as a 2003 .xls. One tab contains several freeform shapes composing a map which when you click a state, it runs a specified Sub(). My customer is running Excel 2000 and the map is not visible when he opens the workbook. All other tabs and code run...
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    Excel 2000 - Outlook Object Model Help

    I have a Macro written for Excel 2007: Sub CreateJobEmail() Dim WSS As Worksheet Set WSS = Worksheets("Sheet1") myitem = CreateItem(olMailItem) 'Creates a new e-mail item and modifies its properties Dim objMail As Outlook.MailItem 'Create e-mail item Set objMail =...

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