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    Loop through OLE objects within a Group

    Hi all, Anyone know how to loop through the OLE objects in a specified GroupName? I have a macro that creates rows of option buttons to a row of a table, and I've assigned each option button a GroupName with the corresponding row number, and each button has the row and the number button it is...
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    Getting embedded Excel range displayed in Word document using VBA

    In my Word document there are many embedded Excel spreadsheets. Usually these Excel embeddings are bigger than the small portion shown in Word. I don't want to mess with the whole sheet when I enter the embedded file, I need to edit only this small area which is seen in Word. I know that it is...
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    [Excel 2010 VBA] Get events of an object created on a Frame, OLEObjects.

    Hi All, I am trying get the click events of a label created on a frame, but unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong? Here is the code: Option Explicit Private WithEvents lblCmdCancel As MSForms.Label Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim frmMain As MSForms.Frame Set frmMain =...
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    Using OLEObjects with grouped controls

    Hi Everybody. I am trying to set all checkboxes and radio buttons on a spreadsheet to False every time a drop down list value changes and I am using the following code: Dim ole As OLEObject For Each ole In ActiveSheet.OLEObjects If ole.progID = "Forms.CheckBox.1" Or ole.progID =...
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    Referencing cells in embedded worksheets in Word

    Does anybody know of a solution to be able to reference a cell in one embedded worksheet in a Word document by a different embedded worksheet in the same Word document? For example, Worksheet A has a table with a sum of a column, and later in the document Worksheet B needs that sum to perform...
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    Delete OLEObjects in Break Mode

    Hi, I am writing some code that will create random data which will be used in a specific sheet to calculate certain values using the cell formulas. This sheet will be copied as many times as necessary to input the numbers generated (The code will generate a different set of numbers for a...

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