1. H

    Document opens when embedding

    Hi, I am trying to embed multiply files (with different file extensions) in a folder using a loop. Adding the files works great, the problem is that when adding the files I get a pop-up for every single file asking "Do you want to open this file?" How do I prevent this from happening? I don't...
  2. szita2000

    How to loop through ActiveX Controls placed on sheet

    Hi guys. I am building a loop that will filter certain things within a date range. I have to put some basic controls on the worksheet where the data is. In this fashion. What I'm trying to do is to disable the optionbuttons when the user enters a date in to the textboxes (I did not use...
  3. C

    Multi Embedding - icons names & Sizes

    Hi all, I was in need of a macro that embedded multiple files and I eventually got it. However, I need to resize the icons and get their names (file name / source name), as none of the names are shown but only blank icons. Although I thought I had captured this pieace in the code below...
  4. Jaafar Tribak

    How to retrieve the path and name of a linked OleObject ?

    Hi all, Let's say we have an embeeded and linked document in a worksheet - Does anybody know of a VBA method for retrieving the link source name ? I am referring to the actual document full path name that is displayed on the oleobject icon or in the formula bar when the oleobject is selected...
  5. J

    activeX multiselect list doesn't save when exiting

    I have created a small macro to display a checklist that can by checked off and says "Complete" once all items have been checked. I created this using ActiveX Listbox with multiselect. However, when the file is saved and reopened, all the check marks clear out. Is there a way to fix this so...
  6. T

    Programatically Deleting OLEObject ComboBox Click Event Handler Subs

    Hello everyone! I am dynamically creating a bunch of ActiveX/OLEObject comboboxes. Each combobox needs to have a dynamically created Click event handler. I am able to do this, no prob. The problem is that, occasionally during a session I want to delete all of the comboboxes and their...
  7. S

    cycling through listboxes

    `enter code here`Ok, so basically what this code is supposed to do is; -start a loop** -look up values and store them as variables -put all variables into the 1st listbox -loop back and -get new variables and... -...put in the 2nd listbox -loop 4...
  8. R

    OLEObject error with variable filename

    Hello, I am having trouble with the next code, I want the Filename to be defined from a string variable which is received in the sub as Nombre_Archivo_Old, but I can't get it to work, I am printing the variable in order to see if it has the correct information, and it had DTP.txt so it was...
  9. J

    Close embedded Excel Object in VBA

    Hello, I'm going crazy trying to figure this out. I have, for security reasons, placed an embedded excel object (as an icon) in a very hidden sheet. Various code pulls up the object, extracts or adds data, and closes it with screen updates off. The code below works perfectly in Excel 2013, but...
  10. bs0d

    Set ActiveX CheckBox Values OnMouseUp - ClickEvent Workaround

    I'm having the issue where the click event gets triggered for my activex checkboxes. If I change the OLEObject's behavior to _MouseUp, then that seems to fix the click event issue. But a new problem surfaces in setting the value of the checkbox. A simple: Sheets("SheetName").chkBoxName.value =...
  11. T

    Refresh OLE Objects

    Hey guys, I have 2 subs. One sub that deletes all OLE SpinButtons, and one that Creates them. If i run these two subs separately then it works just fine, but when i call both of them within a third sub, it freaks out and creates the buttons all out of order and linked to the wrong cells. Here...
  12. D

    Add and Delete/Modify a PDF object at Run time (VBA)

    Hi, I'm currently building a semi complex application. On sheet1, I have a list of items with the path to a PDF file. When the user select a item, I need the PDF to open on sheet2 and print the Sheet. this is the part I've done so far... But if the user click on a new item, I need to...
  13. T

    How to extract image from embedded OLEObject and paste into Word?

    Hi, I've embedded images into my spreadsheet as icons using the code below, and I need to then copy the images into Word - not images of the icons, but the original images. Is this possible? If so, can anyone help with how? I've tried several things, including Steve Bullen's PastePicture, but I...
  14. H

    OLEObject Listbox Problem

    I am having trouble adding values to the ActiveX listbox added to the sheet with the following code. I also don't know how to change the number of columns and the font characteristics of each column dynamically. Thanks for any help. Sub loadBasisV() Dim i As Integer Dim j As Integer Dim...
  15. N

    I want to make specific object.

    Hi, I'm freshman here. Umm.. I want to make specific oleobject by dll. If I resize that, it will resize again adjust cells line. Also if I move that, it will resize and move adjust cells line. And in these cases, it will fire resize and move event to excel application. I don't know...
  16. P

    Excel 2003/7 issue, Run-time error 1004, Unable to get Object Property of OLEObject class

    Hi all, First post here...I hope I've come to the right place... I have an Excel sheet with an Add-in that worked fine in 2003 until someone opened it up with Excel 2007. Now, I get an error in both 2007 and 2003. - Run-time error 1004, Unable to get Object Property of OLEObject class...

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