1. K

    Worksheet_BeforeRightClick - run macro automatically when right click on cell and select "New Note"

    Dear Guys, I have an older macro which ran well in earlier versions: when I right clicked on a cell and selected "Insert Comment": a macro ran automatically: of course I added following code to the appropriate sheet Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  2. S

    Exporting & Importing Macro with VBA

    Hey all, I'm trying to move a module to a new Workbook and assign it to a shape I can Export/Import it but when I assign it I'm assigning the macro from the Original, not the New Workbook. The New Workbook's name will change each time it's run. I don't know how to code a variable into the...
  3. B

    Problem with OnAction in macro running on a Mac

    I have a macro which runs under Windows perfectly well. I'm having to convert the system it runs in to run on a Mac, and it fails at a very frustrating point. It's to do with checking/reassigning the macros that are invoked by clicking on shapes that might be on any sheet in the workbook. These...
  4. J

    Shape Onaction macro not found on first call

    I have a really weird one with a Shape that has it's onaction set to a macro. I have a shape where the parameter I want to use is stored in the AlternativeText of the shape. the line below is setting the OnAction command to call a macro named "getApplicationTab" passing the alternativetext as a...
  5. G

    Custom Ribbon

    I've trying to add the 'onAction' to my custom ribbon using the Custom UI Editor. When I select the "Validate" icon, I'm getting the following error message: The 'onAction' attribute is not declared. Is there a step that I'm missing? How do you "declare" it? thanks,
  6. A

    Reassigning OnAction for button across Workbooks with VBA

    Hi, I am trying to move a sheet from one workbook to another workbook. The moving of the worksheet actually works, but I'm having 2 issues; 1) The source sheet has a button (shape) on allows a user to do some stuff via a Userform. When I move the WorkSheet the button to the still points at...
  7. H

    FaceID Action and Icon for standard controls

    Help, F1...F1..F1, I am trying to set a form with labels as a menu. It has some advantages in, popup - hide , resizing - font size, multi excel versions, Read from sheet so the user can control, all control tips can show, fit full or selected parts of menu The problems remaining being...
  8. R

    How to pass variable through a buttons .OnAction property

    Hi all I've been struggling with this for while now and i hope you can help.. I am trying to pass 3 parameters thru a button's .onaction property to a macro. (Can't belive Microsoft made it this difficult!!) My macro is like this: ---------------------------------------------------------- Sub...

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