1. most

    Identify if a Application.OnKey is set or not

    Is it possible to identify if a Application.OnKey is set or not? if Application.OnKey."+^{g}" = "MyMacro" then msgbox "Yeah" The final goal is ONE macro which disable or enable all shortcuts.
  2. A

    OnKey with Msgbox

    How can I create a msgbox with Onkey code below. I want to create a message that says this function is restricted. Application.OnKey "^n", "^n"
  3. E

    OnKey question

    I have a control page with a single cell named range 'LETTER' to determine my index letter for filtered lists on another sheet. I want a shortcut to be able to change the index letter without having to leave my list sheet. To do this I have set up the following: Sub HotKeys() Application.OnKey...
  4. O

    Combobox onkey down and up event

    I want to hover over a selection rather then actually selecting it when i press the down or up key inside a combobox, how can i achieve this? (yes i know hovering with the mouse does the same thing, i want to able to hover over a selection without actually selecting it with the down and up buttons)
  5. Engineer Joe

    VBA: Onkey vs. MacroOptions ShortcutKey

    I recently changed companies and couldn't take my Addin with me, but in my previous Addin, I had nearly every letter on the keyboard associated with a CNTRL+SHFT+<Shortcut Key>. I've rebuilt the most important of the shortcut keys and obviously, having used them thousands of times, it was easy...
  6. J

    How to trigger a macro with a letter key without "Ctrl"

    Hello, :smile: So the problem is, I am creating a simple game in Excel&VBA with two players, each player needs to control four keys. For the first player, I used the four direction keys and Application.OnKey function, like this: Sub DeclareKeys() Application.OnKey "{UP}", "Move_up"...
  7. S

    Using OnKey to run macro

    I need to assign a hot key to a macro using code and I seem to be misunderstanding how it works since none of the examples I've followed online have worked for me. I'm trying to make "Ctrl-Shift-w" start MyMacro: Private Sub HotKey() Application.OnKey "^+w", "MyMacro" End Sub Sub...
  8. A

    OnKey not working in Userform

    I have set up a Userform in Excel 2013 with lots of Toggle and Command Buttons. I want to be able to set up some Function Keys (eg F1 to F5) that run some of the same procedures called by the Command buttons, so that the user has a choice of either clicking a Command button or pressing F2 (for...
  9. T

    This Guy - Paste Special Macro WIP. Determining if cut or copy was called...

    Hi, I like to maximize efficiency and go really fast when I work with data. I'm pretty good at doing this too, but Excel 2010's keyboard shortcuts to retrieve the paste special values menu prompt is slowing me down. I access this dialog/prompt all the time and I am annoyed at how...
  10. M

    VBA - Using OnKey and CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum but a long-time reader of certain parts - thank you to all contributors as you've really helped me in the past. As part of a monster model that I've been asked to build, I've been trying to pull together a couple of Macros to help other users moving around the...
  11. P

    Running macro on any key pressed event.

    Hi, Can anyone please advice me how to make a code so that it captures the event of pressing any key of the keyboard and triggers a macro. I tried using OnKey method but the problem with this is I am getting stick to any particular button whichever i specify in the onkey method wheareas I want...
  12. G

    OnKey interference issues

    Hi guys, I've been working on games lately and excel is a great tool for that except I couldn't figure how to properly use the arrow keys for the controls. My results of using GetAsyncKeyState have been mediocre. The OnKey is what I need since I've seen a Tetris on the internet which...

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