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    Color in Hyperlinks that cant be opened

    I currently have code that allows me to create hyperlinked formulas and open the pdf's based on part numbers, but some of the part numbers links do not exist. I was wondering if instead of on error resume next, is there a way to color in the cell that Errors and resume at the same time? It can...
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    Running a Macro in 1st workbook, when a specific second workbook opens

    Hi, I was wondering whether you can run a macro in workbook 1 upon the event of another workbook (2) opening. For example I click a button to open a webpage withing Workbook 1, I manually manipulate which data on the webpage I want to download, and upon the download it always opens a .CSV...
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    Open Template File as New

    I have severl workbooks that I have saved as macro-enabled template files. I use template files so that users can open multiple instances of them and then save them in pre-defined ways. In the past, opening the workbooks by double clicking them has always opened them as "new" with the file...

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