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    How to automatically lock a sheet

    Hi all, I'm using Excel to conduct a test for a research project I'm working on. My participants will take tests - one on one worksheet and the second on a different worksheet. As the questions on Part 2 can tell the participants the answers to the test I'd like to do two things. The first is...
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    Userform on open of workbook with comboboxes as input

    Hello...this should be simple but it's annoying me trying to figure it out. I created a userform with 2 comboboxes. How do I specify what the drop down for the combo box is? I want it to be a range of cells...also I want ComboBox1 to populate after they hit submit button to cell C2 and ComboBox2...
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    SaveAs on opening workbook

    Hi everyone, I would like to have the SaveAs dialogue box appear when the workbook is opened. I do not need a cell value to become the name or anything like that. The ability to click Cancel should still exist. The purpose is to prompt the user to save as a new name before altering the...

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