open file macro

  1. S

    Refine/amend VBA to open files

    Hi, so I have the below code which opens a source file and then copies and pastes the data in to the original file. I need to change it to so that if the cell (B3) is empty then the macro stops, without errors. I need it to continue as it does if the file name/path in B3 isn't found. Any...
  2. A

    Run-Time Error '1004' - Microsoft Excell Cannot Access the file

    Hello :) this is my first macro ever, and i hope you cna help me to start a good relation with this wonderful tool. It used to work very well and then - it simply doesn't work even if i rewrite it in another file. i Get this message after trying to open the file - Run-Time Error '1004' -...
  3. N

    VBA to select a file to open from a sharepoint site

    I am attempting to code a macro to open a sharepoint site and allow for a user to select the appropriate file to open. The name of the file changes constantly (date of file creation in filename) but will always be available from the same file location. Is there a means to do this
  4. Johnny Thunder

    Macro - When opening file return to tab main_Menu

    Hello, I am trying to enter a macro for when my excel fie is opened it will go to a specific tab ("Main_Menu") always. This is so that when my shared filed gets saved in another tab the next user that opens it will go directly to the Main_menu tab. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. E

    open multiple files as defined on sheet?

    hi guys. kindly need your generous assistance for creating macro to open multiple files on particular folder. Whereas the file names should be opened are defined first on a worksheet. Then, i want to combine/merge the content of each file (all in sheet1) on different single sheet as summary. Is...
  6. L

    Open File Macro

    I would like to be able to have an open file dialog box pop up to find the file name and location in lieu of what I currently have below. Ideally the file name and path name would all be listed in the same cell (A4). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sub UPDATE() Dim...

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