open files

  1. K

    How to open Multiple files through dates modified

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to open multiple files with different names based on date modified. For example, I have 4 files and the names on them go 5Ab458, 5Dd5578,57C604P,548SKJV. There are multiple files in this folder as well so naming on each file is different so i need to open...
  2. andrewb90

    Check to see if another workbook is open in VBA

    Hello all, I'm looking to add some code to my opening procedure that will check if another workbook is open. I found some examples online, but they seem to look for a specific filename. Is there a way to look for any .xls or .xlsm file open? Thanks!
  3. Prevost

    Run Time Error 438

    Hi There. I have found lots of discussion revolving around this error, but I did not see a solution or I am not understanding fully the nature of this issue. I am trying to open up all the Excel files in a folder and perform the same set of actions on them. It is fine until I hit the row that is...
  4. J

    VBA: Open Latest File in Folder and Copy between files

    I am looking to open the most recent file in a certain directory, copy certain ranges from that file into specific ranges of another file (the workbook from which I am executing the code) then close out the workbook which I had previously opened. I have the code to open the most recent workbook...
  5. S

    Open File prompts not working consistently

    I'm running a bunch of reports that come from a couple of different spreadsheets. I'm trying to create a command-button system to allow users to run these reports. I don't want to hard-code the master data sheets' locations or names, because they change over time. I found two macros that appear...
  6. H

    Open multiple files in a folder with vba

    Hi i need a macro to do this: open all of the excel files in a selected folder, put each one on a separate sheet in one workbook. Is this possible? thanks so much
  7. N

    Multiple file selection for data consolidation

    Hello MrExcel Team, I was messing a little bit with many threats here and I cannot found a proper solution. Bellow the code and the explanation: I open several excel sheets with the very same layout in order to consolidate especific cells. The problem is that the files selected are not...
  8. G

    Looping With Files

    I have a column of data (paths to files) this column can have 5 to 200 filled cells depending on the project. What I am wanting to do is to write a loop so that it goes through this column and opens each file listed until it gets to the end of the column. I found what I thought I needed on this...
  9. S

    How do I use a wildcard to search from Excel 2010

    In 2003 I could use * before or after numbers and letters to do searches when opening files. Now it only works when I place it after the numbers or letters. Example: File names abc0111, abc0211, ... abc0612, def0111, ...def0612 I want to find all "11" files In 2003 I would enter *11 and...
  10. 3

    Code to choose directory works in Xp, not in 7

    Hi, My code is designed to allow the user to browse to and designate a folder, open up all the excel files in that folder and then consolidate all the data within the excel files. I am using XP and the code works perfectly. On 7 it doesn't work. The folder shows up as empty. I had the user...
  11. T

    HELP! Macro/VBA needed for opening excel file

    Hi, I need to create a macro and I have no idea what I'm doing using VBA and recording doesn't really work. Can anyone help?? I think I will need several macros but I want to be able to look at a cell in the macro template file (eg cells B8, B47 and B87) which has my "File ID" and then open...
  12. JackDanIce

    VBA code to open folder and display specific prefix named files only

    Hi, In my spreadsheet a macro opens a folder for the user to select multiple files, upon which the macro performs various actions. The folder contains a large number of files and all the files I want being with the prefix "IED p&l" Similar to how you can write code for a folder to open...
  13. S

    Open files in VBA without updating external links

    Using VBA I need to open a number of files, do what ever I need to do (i.e. update a formula) and close it again. This all works well, but I would like to be able to decide if the workbook I am opening should update external links or not. This should be done without being shown the dialogue...

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