open multiple files


    How to open multiple Excel workbooks

    Sometimes (usually) I can't open multiple Excel workbooks at the same time. Sometimes (not often) I can. I try double-clicking on the file(s); right-click/open; etc. Nothing seems to work consistently. When I have BookA open, I have to close it before can open BookB. I "think" this started...
  2. P

    open workbooks in a date range

    I have two strings formatted as dates. strDateOne, strDateTwo. I have one workbook saved for each date: formatted DayOneFilemm_dd_yyyy i need to open each workbook between strDateOne and strDateTwo copy the sheet and close the workbook. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. T

    Need VBA to open multiple sheets, copy, and paste certain values

    Hey Guys, I know you have gotten this one a bunch before, but I can't find a way to do the couple things I need this to do. I'm really close however, so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes hopefully. What I need. Open multiple files at one time, copy and paste certain cells in those files, to...
  4. H

    2 separate questions: Open Multiple Files using Application.GetOpenFilename/ graph overlays

    Hello, I have two pretty general random questions regarding excel vba possibilities. First question 1 is immediately below; question two is after. The reason I am asking the questions is at the very end of this post. Question 1 regarding Application.GetOpenFilename Is it possible to open...
  5. JackDanIce

    Files stored in an array

    Hi, Can someone please explain what is wrong with my code - I'm trying to open multiple files, pass them into an array and then work on them but the code below doesn't work (receive a Run-time error '9' message) Public aFile As Variant Sub MultipleFiles () MsgBox ("Please select...

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