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    Delete File Permission Error

    Hello - I'm looking for help with this Permissions error. The Scenario: We are sent hundreds of .txt files emailed to us in .zip format which must each be converted to an Excel. The .zip files can contain any number of .txt files, and each .txt file can contain any number of columns. All data...
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    How to open a delimited text file in a single column

    Hello, I wrote a macro a few years ago in Excel 2010 that opens a series of text files, imports the data, and manipulates it as needed. Our computers are being updated and we are getting Excel 2013. So I'm trying to update the code for my macro in preperation for this. The original line of...
  3. D

    Quicker way than OpenText to read text files?

    Hi all, I have a large number of text files containing five tab delimited columns and several hundred rows. I currently have a macro that opens the text file, finds and calculates the required 'results' then pastes these into a new summary sheet. It's currently taking around 1 second per file...
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    VBA Workbooks.OpenText FieldInfo as a variable -> Import text into Excel question

    hi I've several text file which I would want to import into Excel and each text file has different columns I noted I could use Workbooks.OpenText and the property to change which columns to import and it's import format is FieldInfo. I declared a variable called arrtext and this will change...
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    How to avoid automatic recalculation after importing data with OpenText?

    Hi, I'm importing data using the Workbooks.OpenText VBA method in Excel 2007. The problem is that for a reason it automatically re-calculates my active workbook even though I've set the calculation option to Manual. Since the re-calculation takes a while, I would like to avoid it at this...

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