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    Order Form with items from multiple sheets

    Hi All, A client of mine asked me if I could help with an order form he created in Excel. He has an order form on sheet 1 with sheets 2-10 having a list of different types of parts he stocks (with quantities and price). He wants his customers to be able to pick and choose parts from any sheet...
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    Generating Sequential Order Numbers

    Greetings oh enlightened Excel Professionals! I humbly seek advice over a number of little issues... I have looked thru a number of the threads and answers already on this site but I do not see anything similar to what I am going to ask you. I want to develop an ordering system for my...
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    Excel order form

    I need to create an order form excel, but don't know where to start!! I would need a drop down list that would have, for example, small set, medium set and large set. When one of these is selected I want this to generate an order, so for 'small set' it would auto complete an order for 1 small...
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    Excel Qualifying Dropdowns

    Hello, I am trying to build an order form for our suite of products using Excel. In order to make this as "idiot proof" as possible, I'm building in some drop down menus that force the user to simply pick a pre-determined solution rather than tying one in manually. I have been doing so by...

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