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    Dropdown hiding other cells goes wrong

    I've got a code from one of you guy's and it works perfectly, but if I change any other dropdown on the sheet 'Panelen en Omvormers', the rows disappear again..:confused:.. very strange.. Here is my sheet code now: (the above code is another code which hides a cell on the same sheet, that's not...
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    Macro fill cell based on value from another sheet - columns change

    Hi all, I could use a bit of help here. I have a file with a master list of data, titled "Values." In this sheet, I have specific identifying columns - Building #, Floor # and Unit. (Columns B, C and D, respectively). This sheet contains information for all units on all floors in 5 different...
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    Indirect Returning #N/A Error when referred to a range

    A Person using my workbook will go to sheet 2 and enter a series of integers from 1 to 5 inclusive. Sheet 1 will display analysis of the numbers. In order that the data be easily updated , I have had to use formulas which will refer to the right places when they are clicked and dragged, or in...

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