1. W

    Power Query - Office 365 (2016) - Wont show duplicate tables from search?

    I have tried all the different searches for my PQ, eg Left Outer, Right Outer, Full List..etc, but for whatever reason, the query is automatically ignoring a table that repeats in the list. However, I added a count column of the times anything in the list repeats and it shows the correct...
  2. B

    The 3 joins in a table/query

    I thought that I understand the differences between the 3 different. Join 1: Only include rows where the joined fields from both tables are equal. Question: Does this mean that it is only going to display the records where the join field in both tables are equal? (is this an inner or outer...
  3. ebea

    Math problem (excel formula)

    Hi all! Are there out in the Forum, one or other person, with good math understanding? I need some help, to find a way to calculate an outer measure (outer to outer of the bend), on a pipe which are bended 2 times, in an angle on 180 degrees on each, and to make a formula in Excel, for this! I...
  4. muhammad susanto

    Data Validation With Multiple Criteria & Level

    hi all... i have problem how to make data validation list/formula with multiple criteria <tbody> City Model Type Inner City I Arteri Inner City II Arteri Inner City IIIA Arteri Inner City IIIA Kolektor Inner City IIIB Kolektor Inner City IIIC Jalan Lokal Outer City I Arteri...
  5. S

    Ambiguous OUTER JOIN in query

    Hello everyone! I have a query in access (I did not build and has worked for 13 years) that all of a sudden is not working anymore and gives the "Your SQL query could not be executed because it contains ambiguous outer joins". I'm not very adept at SQL so I am struggling on fixing the issue...
  6. L

    Ms query - left join with multiple tables

    Hello, So as part of a VBA project I'm working with in Excel, I am trying to simplify some SQL writing, but I can't get the Left Joins to work. Basically, I have many tables and I want to be able to pull information from all of them. They are set up in the following way. MASTER_TABLE...

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