outlook calendar

  1. M

    Excel VBA with outlook

    Help needed, My team and I use a shared excel workbook for scheduling crews and also for overtime work. We currently use a sheet that sorts by overtime hours for calling in employees with the highest amount of overtime hours. I have a sheet that is used enter the employees overtime hours from...
  2. F

    Outlook calendar export VBA with range period

    Hello guys, I am trying to modify a code that I found in order to export my calendar appointments in Excel. I need to export "Subject", "StartDate", "EndDate" and "Category". The main issue is that I want on a specific period of time by an Input Box, first to enter the start date and then the...
  3. S

    VBA Excel Setting Outlook Appointments From Spreadsheet Data

    I'm trying to create a Macro to create Outlook appointments based on words in Column B. For some reason, my code to create appointments is creating each item in the subfolder twice. Also, I'm trying to get the appointment date to be column F -30 days. I tried <code style="margin: 0px; padding...
  4. N

    Help using a Macro to send data to shared Outlook Calendars

    Hello, I am currently setting up a spreadsheet for my office in which we can enter appointments and use a macro to send them to specific calendars in microsoft exchange by selecting their name. I currently have this working and sending to calendars that I have made myself but I am stuck with...
  5. D

    Execute in background

    It it possible to execute (run) this part of my macro in the background, so the Outlook Appointment window doesn't show? When I delete the " olAppt.Display ", it doesnt add the Selection to the body of the appointment anymore. Set olAppt = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)...
  6. P

    Excel to Outlook

    Hello I have the following vba code which creates an appointment in Outlook: I would like the code to enter the appointment in a specific calendar. Calendar is called "Calendar from iCloud" Very much appreciated Sub Appointments() Const olAppointmentItem As Long = 1 Dim OLApp As...
  7. B

    Create Outlook Event on non-default Calendar

    Dear, I am using the code below to create events on my own calendar but I need to the events be create and sent my my secondary email. Can you help me to change the code so my secondary email and calendar are used when creating the event? Sub SendEvent() Dim myoutlook As Object '...
  8. S

    VBA Macro to Check for Calendar Items in Outlook and Update if Details Changed

    Good Morning All, I'm trying to make a macro that links an excel list of meetings with an outlook calendar. I have created a macro so far that is able to create the entries and check to see if the entry exists by a specific date (which doesn't allow for any flexibility). I now need to make it...
  9. K

    Automate Outlook to create new meeting request

    I would like to know if there is any way to automate outlook to create new meeting request and send it automatically like on a certain day every week for a long period of time. The key is for it to be sent only on that certain day and that is why it is different than the multiple occurrence...
  10. K

    Excel Pulling Outlook Calendar Info

    Hi, I have looked online to try and get this figured out, but I tend to just get more confused. I have found a code to pull outlook calendar information from outlook to excel. I am trying to determine how to pull from Shared Calendars. This code looks as if they calendar has a number (9), but I...
  11. R

    Having trouble posting Appointments to (non default) Outlook Calendar using VBA

    Have spent a considerable amount of time trying to get my appointment information, from Excel, to post into a non-default Calendar (folder). I have also tried to research this issue a lot, but no workable solution. I used some code to get the folder ID, which works great, and i can get the...
  12. blackorchids2002

    Outlook VBA in Excel

    Hi Masters, This is the first time I will post this particular forum "General Excel Discussion & Other Questions". I have created a vba code in excel to send an appointment/meeting in Outlook. I have a leave form request that I want to automate. For monitoring purposes in my calendar for...
  13. B

    Outlook Appointments > how do I delete or update

    I Know how to make an outlook appointment: Sub MakeAppt() Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olApt As AppointmentItem Set olApp = New Outlook.Application Set olApt = olApp.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem) With olApt .RequiredAttendees = Range("B2")...
  14. T

    VBA in Outlook Help

    I have some VBA written in an Excel Workbook that controls some functionality inside of Outlook (ie writes messages). What I need to do is create a macro entirely in Outlook that will turn a message into a calendar appointment. The calendar appointment will always be for 9:30am, BUT the date of...
  15. J

    Export Outlook Calendar to Excel

    Using Outlook and Excel 2003 If I export my Outlook Calendar of meetings to Excel, will my meetings still appear in Outlook after the export? I cannot find any documentation if I will lose my meetings in Outlook. Thank you Jeff
  16. D

    Create Outlook Calender item using Excel ARRAY Data

    Hi, From Excel 2003 to Outlook 2003 Calendar: I have a series of dates and subjects that I want to put in an array and add as an appointment - not a task. I can do this with a single row of data, but not the array. And the array is populated successfully until I add " Const olAppointmentItem =...

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