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    How to Overlay a User Button on a Worksheet to activate a macro when clicked?

    Seems like a simple but I can't get it done. Tried a User Form with a Control Button: can't get it to overlay om my Worksheet.
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    Resize and Move to Fit

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is even possible but it would be awesome!! Is there a vba code to select all pictures and textboxes *only* and rearrange, resize to make all of them fit on the Excel sheet without overlay of each other or overlay of text in column A?
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    I can not determine how to transfer a sheet to overlay or replace one in another workbook

    Using Win10 and Office2013, I have 2 workbooks in same folder. wb1 uses form textboxes to input data that Imove to rows of 'Sheet1' when user hits form 'Post' button. Each row specifies wb2 sheet names and col/rowcoordinates to be updated from this data. At completion user hits 'Transfer'button...
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    How did they do this? A Zoom-out-only Graphic overlay

    Hi, My first post here and it's got us scratching our heads. I even have an Excel guru in the office and this is one we have not seen. On a worksheet, when zoomed out further than 40%, there is a text-based graphics overlay on the worksheet. At 39% zoom or lower, it's there, at 40% or above...
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    Display Average value accross the graph range

    Hi, in Excel, I have a bar graph that dislpays time taken for a certain event. This is updated daily. I wish to display an average value line across the whole chart cutting through all bar-graphs I can calculate the average value of these times in a field, but I do not know how to overlay...

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