1. L

    How to create a detailed performance overview (Maybe a graph/chart)

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to create a detailed overview of transactions executed by a range of different users in the hopes of creating a easy to understand overview of performance. Which will include the points listed below. In this performance overview I want to include several...
  2. D

    Copy pasting cells from one worksheet to another in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently having some problems with my excel spreadsheet. In short, I have a list of materials in my "Order form" sheet 1 and I have all the hard data in a hidden sheet called "Products" (sheet 2). Currently, I have just set the fields in my "Order form" sheet = the...
  3. B

    formula to get the value of the same cell but in different sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with plenty of sheets named 'name 1', name 2', name 3,... One sheet is supposed to be an overview of the inputs from all those different sheets. So for example I want the value of cell B2 of all the sheets 'name....) in the overview sheet. Is this possible without a...
  4. G

    Automatically add line to formula

    I don't know if this is possible but here it is: I have a sheet that I use to display an overview of competitors. The information on the sheet shows one competitor at a time based off of a data validation dropdown list of values. When the dropdown list is changed, the cells on the sheet change...
  5. R

    3D References / Running Tally for an entire workbook

    Hello all. First time poster. I'm trying to create a way to track "Late" and "Absent" occurrences in an Excel workbook that I have already created. These workbooks are for every month, and in each one is a sheet for every day including an extra sheet that shows an overview of the entire month...
  6. E

    Form + overview

    Hello We are building a mini database of all the claims we file with our carriers. The idea is that we fill in all the details in one tab called 'details' (the standard form that we can copy/paste from other spreadsheets also). Once completed, we run a macro after pressing a button or some...
  7. E

    Index and Match value with partial text between two dates

    I'm building an overview spreadsheet that takes information from multiple different reports. The formula I'm struggling with identifies employees by last name while all the other reports use full name (Last, First, MI), so I need to use partial text or wildcards. The report provides a row for...
  8. M

    Extracting data from an other workbook using formula and a refering cell

    Hi all I've been looking on this forum, but can’t seem to find exactly what i'mlooking for... So, my question: Say you have a number of workbooks: Book1, Book2, Bookxx and Overview I need to extract data from Book1 and Book2 (and the others) into Overview. Now, I know a formula for Overview...
  9. S

    Best way to create overview sheet showing elements of monthly sales forecast sheets from staff

    Hi - I need to create an overview sheet which pulls rows from each team member's sales sheets if they are more than 75% qualified. These are in tabs in the same Workbook. So, if a cell in sheet KIRSTY column J (Qualified) is either 75% or 100%, then that whole row should be copied into another...
  10. D

    Print range as PDF with narrow margins on MAC

    I am trying to print an area to a PDF file with narrow margins, so it all fits on one page. This executes perfectly on a PC, but not on a MAC. I have tested out three codes on MAC and each one gives me a different problem. Code #1 : Saved the PDF file in landscape but not narrow margins so...
  11. A

    Return cell value if workbook sheet name matches cell value

    Hi, I have 2 workbooks. 1. Commission and 2. Overview. 1. Commission has 12 tabs, one for each month in the year. On each tab there is a list of commissions and a total figure. Column B contains the headings and column D contains the amounts. 2. Overview needs to be able to return the cell...
  12. E

    Getting data from many sheets to one overview

    I have searched the Internet and, ofcourse, this forum. I just could not find a workable solution (maybe I haven't searched good enough). What I have is a workbook with 200 sheets with exactly the same layout. It is a working schedule of 200 employees. What I want is in a specific sheet to...
  13. S

    Populate table based on data in another sheet

    I have a sheet called "Workflow, and another sheet called "Overview" "Overview" is my dashboard "Workflow" is my data" In "Overview" (dashboard) I have a table From C13:I28 In "Workflow" I have the data I want to populate in that table. My "Workflow" sheet has data from cells A4:J723 What I...
  14. S

    Using VBA to Copy Data/Remove Data across Sheets

    Hello Excel Community - I am working on a project to centralize data that we collect onto a workbook. I have been looking around on different forums and websites to guide me on this but I have not had much luck. There is a master spreadsheet holding all crucial data with a face page sheet to...
  15. A

    referring to a cell on another sheet based on contents of a cell

    Hi, if I have a series of sheets say A,B,C and another one called overview. If I add the sheet names to column A of overview could I make something link what's in cell B1 below work to refer to cell B2 in sheet A? A B 1 A =[text in A1]!B2 2 B 3 C Thanks
  16. P

    Project management in excel

    Any help or guidance would be amazing on this one: I'm wanting to use Excel as a project management tool. I have designed individual project sheets, with a cel per day. Each sheet is a 6 month snapshot of the project, and depending on the project there might be just one sheet (6 months) or 4...

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