1. N

    Copy and Paste without deleting existing data

    Hello All, I'm looking to copy the data cells A28:N46 through to the range of A58:N106 with a button click macro without deleting any data that had previously been put into the range of A58:N106. + I would also love to be able to then clear contents on the data that was copied if possible. So...
  2. D

    Dragging data over without overwriting existing data.

    Hi All, Please see the below example. Is there a way I can select the data in col. B and either cut / paste or drag over into col. A without overwriting the existing data in Col. A? So as to essentially just fill the gaps. Dragging the Col. B items over one at a time will be rather time...
  3. K

    Copying data from Sheet1 to Sheet2, but in different order - Destination Row getting overwritten

    Good Day, I am trying to copy data from Sheet1 (which meets the conditions of an IF statement) and then paste the relevant cells for said row into Sheet2 of the same workbook. Initially I managed to use the following code to simply pull in the relevant rows: Sub Copy_to_Sheet2() a =...
  4. M

    Copy two different tables into lastrow in one table in a new sheet

    Hei, I´ve tweaked a code to copy/paste two different dynamic tables into one dynamic table in another sheet. However, it seems that the latter part of the code (copying the last table) overwrites the first one. I´ve used lastrow to determine the last cell with data, but it failes. Sub...
  5. S

    Help with Macro VBA - copying cells to another workbook without overwriting

    Hello, Please could you help me, i am trying to create an archive macro which will take all rows in the sheet entered and are copied to the archive workbook, i was previously able to make it work to copy however it would overwrite the archive data from before in the archive sheet. Now it...
  6. D

    Excel 2010: Search function - Write over last searched term after search is completed

    When using the search/replace function, I find it extremely annoying that I have to delete the last searched term every time before entering the next. In a lot of other programs, the last searched term is automatically marked/"blackened" once the search is terminated, and you can then simply...
  7. S

    Excel Timer Macro overwriting data in active worksheets

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> I am running a program that when a ‘Start’ command button is clicked, a timer begins counting in seconds and displays the value in cell B3 until a ‘Stop’ command button is...
  8. S

    Multi User Saving HELP!

    My self and a group of people are using a shared workbook, But not everyone is great with computers that use this work book and if a popup appears they normally just say ok with out actually thinking about what it says! The problem is when people are saving there overwriting other peoples work...
  9. A

    File Saving

    I am using a script to save the active workbook only thing is when the user already has the workbook saved with the same name excel asks them if they want to replace it or not. If the user clicks the cancel button an error screen pops up Is there a way avoid the error screen or better yet is...
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