page number

  1. M

    Page Numbers - Non Sequential in Worksheet

    Good morning, all. I have an excel workbook that contains several sheets. Each sheet contains several pages. These pages have a header (&[Page]of &[Pages]) and it shows as 1 of 2 on the first tab. 1 of 4 on another tab and so forth. I want to keep this. When I print to PDF, it changes the...
  2. M

    VBA code to make all worksheets evenly numbered

    Hi all, Can somebody please fix a problem that has ailed me for more than a year!? I need a code designed that will ensure that all worksheets in a workbook will have even page numbers... With this I was thinking a VBA code that will read the content of each worksheet and assign a page number...
  3. A

    Headers over multiple sheets

    I have a workbook that I am trying to print. I have 5 sheets in this workbook each with multiple pages. When I go to print the entire work book, the header creates the following page numbers: page 1 of 20 page 2 of 20 page 3 of 20 ... What I want is for it to start over with every new sheet...
  4. D

    print page numbers

    dear excel gurus, i’m not familiar with vba project but this piece of code was left by my former colleague. it is supposed to put page numbers on multiple files during printing. Such that file 1 is page 1, file 2 is page 2, file 3 with 2 pages are pages 3 & 4, file 4 is page 5 and so on...
  5. A

    How do you insert page number in the footer of an exported excel file using xml?

    Hi, I saved my excel file as xml and the part below would result to "1/2" (as in 1 of 2 pages) as page number in the footer. <Footer x:Data="&P/&N"/> I did that on my code but unfortunately, when exported, it literally and letter-per-letter displays : &P/&N How do I fix that? Does anybody...
  6. J

    How to Consecutively Number Pages in Different Tabs

    In Excel, is there a way to consecutively number pages in different tabs? I.E.... I have a Workbook with information in multiple tabs. I want to print all tabs, but I want the footer to display the page number in sequence. Sheet1 may have 3 pages to print. When Sheet2 prints, I want the...
  7. T

    Get total number of pages to be printer.

    Hi everyone. I need a method or function that can count the TOTAL number of pages to that will be printed. I don't need anything with HPageBreaks or Get.document(50, ""sheet name"")") for these don't seem to work on my worksheet. All they seem to do is give me a number lower then the number of...
  8. R

    Exce 2010 page numbering on worksheet.

    Hi, i have a worksheet with a large number of page breaks on it. Excel automatically numbers these pages up and down 1,2,3 etc. ie<TABLE style="WIDTH: 192pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=256><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=4 width=64><TBODY><TR...
  9. U

    Page numbers from multiple sheets and page breaks

    Hello, I have searched for this sol but could not find one I am looking at. I have multiple tabs and each tab may have multiple page breaks. I know to get the print out I can use Page number from footer. But I need to know a function or macro that will let me know which page number I am on. I...
  10. J

    Table Contents and the related section's printed page number

    hello, I have a workbook 13,272 lines long. In one of the columns is the division field in the format "XX XX XX" where the x's are numbers and there is a space between each pair. In the next column is the description of what that section of data is for. For example: DIVISION DESCRIPTION...
  11. T

    Count Page Breaks

    I need to create a TOC that is on the same worksheet that a report lives on as the end result of the desired format is PDF... I'd like to know if anyone knows of a formula (not VBA) that will count at what line a page break starts and finishes... Each page is set as 11 columns wide and 60 rows...

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