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  1. M

    VBA code to make all worksheets evenly numbered

    Hi all, Can somebody please fix a problem that has ailed me for more than a year!? I need a code designed that will ensure that all worksheets in a workbook will have even page numbers... With this I was thinking a VBA code that will read the content of each worksheet and assign a page number...
  2. X

    VBA for Roman Numeral Page Numbers

    I have a workbook with several tabs where the page numbers all need to be in the lower right footer in lower case Roman Numerals. The code I used is below. The page numbers are only on the 1st page of the document. I need them to number consecutively across all tabs. Right now I am only getting...
  3. E

    Page numbers- VBA Code needed

    I need help with adding page numbers to individual tabs and ranges in a single workbook. Background: One workbook 160 tabs in total 7 tabs with at least 5 report ranges each The problem: Page 1 is on one tab, Page 2 may refer to a range on tab 8, Page 3 is the range on tab 4, and page 5 is...
  4. T

    Get total number of pages to be printer.

    Hi everyone. I need a method or function that can count the TOTAL number of pages to that will be printed. I don't need anything with HPageBreaks or Get.document(50, ""sheet name"")") for these don't seem to work on my worksheet. All they seem to do is give me a number lower then the number of...
  5. E

    Update Page Number in cell for Print Area

    Hello all, I would like to be able to update the page number in a repeating print area and have a single printout command to produce a single pdf file. The print area is fixed and I know the number of pages (3). There is a cell where the user can input the first page number to be used. Here...
  6. karenbluez

    Changing Page Numbers

    I have spreadsheet with various sheets that print as a book. So sheet1 will be the Cover, sheet2 the Index, sheet3 the first report, etc. Each sheet is not 1 page. The page numbers have to follow on each other. So I've found a macro to calculate how many pages there are per sheet...
  7. S

    Create Index with Page Numbers

    Hi, I am trying to create an index in Excel. Basically Column A has names in it and Column B will have page numbers. I have 9 tabs. Is there a way for Excel to let me know the page number(s) the names are on and insert them into column B? Thanks for your help!

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