page setup

  1. X

    Change page orientation of specific pages within same worksheet when exporting to PDF

    Hi, Is it possible to change the page orientation of specific pages within the same worksheet when exporting to PDF? I have written a macro that exports them all as portrait but I'd like to export certain pages as landscape as they have charts. Appreciate any assistance or guidance.
  2. M

    Dynamic Print Range (+ Inserting a text box)

    I'm trying to create a dynamic print range from A2, to F2, and extending to the last line with text. I've tried this code, and just can't seem to get it. Sub printFigure2() Dim ws2 As Worksheet Set ws2 = Worksheets("Figure 2-2") With ws2 .ResetAllPageBreaks With .PageSetup .PrintArea =...
  3. T

    Addition of "2nd footer" for each page?

    Hey all, Not sure how to really ask this question, but here goes: I have a spreadsheet I'm working on that I need to add some sort of additional footer for each page to be placed above the existing built-in footer and span across the entire width of the page. I suppose it could be a text-box...
  4. L

    Print selected Range one time but vertically(portrait)?

    Hello dear MrExcel! How to print selected range vertically, copies 1, colatte True, normal margins? Thanks in advance? Ps. I just don't know very well VBA, sorry for SELECT&SELECTION! Sub Macro1printanjestanja() ' ' Macro1printanjestanja Macro ' ' ' Range("M8:Q22").Select '...
  5. S

    Altering a Non Active Worksheet

    Hi All, I have a macro which, at the moment, creates a worksheet, names it, alters columns etc, adds a table, and converts the table back to a range so that it can later be copied to a new workbook. At the moment all the alterations are made apparent to the user regardless of screenupdating =...
  6. E

    updating pagesetup using cells from master worksheet - orientation & formatting footer - excel vba

    Hello, I am new to excel vba and trying to complete my 1st project. I have the following problems but if anyone has feedback on a better way of doing things - let me know. I want to create a "master" or "driver" macro workbook. This workbook will contain a sheet (adHoc) that will contain...
  7. N

    More Efficent VBA Code for adding Footer to printed sheet

    Hi Here is my code that I use to setup my page to print a Footer at the bottom of the page. The footer includes the following info: File path, file name, date and time created and the number of page of how many pages (Page No 1 of 12). Can some help me to make this code more efficient - it is...
  8. D

    Image won't stay in place

    I've got worksheet that is filled in automatically by my vba. It is 5 of the same page stacked on top of each other. If one gets completely filled, it continues on the next, etc. I've got it set up to print only the sheets that are filled out. The problem is, the logo gradually jumps down the...
  9. K

    Printing to PDF, but not catching the whole page

    Hello All, Apologies in advance for the long type to follow... But I have a situation where I thought I had the PageSetup going smooth. But the product I receive is just a snippet of what I am after and it keeps slicing my tables off at the page breaks. See Code Below↓ I left out the codes...
  10. S

    Page Setup, Zoom, and Screen Updating issue.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some insight as to whats going on with my code. I am learning a lot, but its my current issue that driving me bonkers. Im here to ask for some help. I have created a user form for Excel "print" formatting and would like to give the user an option that would...
  11. K

    Set print titles rows without using absolute reference

    Anyone know how to set Print Title Rows that may vary from worksheet to worksheet? Example Worksheet: <tbody> 22 Terms: NE… 23 Due Date: 09… 24 VAT/Tax ID Number: 20… 25 </tbody> In this example, Rows 1 thru 25 should be the print titles, but this data may be up or down a few rows...
  12. B

    Alternating Header/Footer Margins

    I am in the process of preparing a monthly binder report. Because I'm using 3 hole-punched paper and 2-sided printing, my margins are never correct for my second page. I could print using the short side, but then the binder would have to be turned around every time a page is flipped so that's...
  13. T

    Header formula

    I'm trying to incorporate a Cell result in my header (the one you select from "Page Setup"). Is this possible? I would like to avoid macro if possible and prefer some type of formula. Thanks Windows XP with Excel 2007 Thierry
  14. L

    Page setup via VBA

    Hi, I have a dynamic table, the rows and the columns of the table gets added or deleted based on some calculation. Is there a way, if the content of any page is less than a A4, potrait paper. that pages expends to better fit the page??? I tried the Fit Width and Height to 1 but the page is...
  15. S

    How to control number of rows printed per page?

    How can I set the number of rows to print per page? I may vary the row height for legibility but want to control the exact number of rows that will be printed on a page (i.e. maximum). I don't want to set page breaks manually.
  16. P

    Request for code to speed up pageset macro

    I have the following code that is very slow - could someone please advise if there is a way to speed up this function: For Each ws In Worksheets ActiveSheet.DisplayPageBreaks = False With ActiveSheet.PageSetup .CenterHeader = "&A" .CenterFooter = "Page &P of &N"...
  17. J

    A gazillion pages in print preview

    Hi, I have a workbook with 5 sheets. These sheets generally span 1.5 pages wide and 3 pages long in automatic height & width (scale to fit = 100%). Now, I just did something and the following phenomenon appears: 1) There is no problem with automatic height and length, scale to fit = 100% 2) As...
  18. S

    VBA Combining Two Print Areas

    Hi, I am trying to combine two print areas and have them print out one after another as if there was no break between them on the spreadsheet. My problem is that the first print area which is only 1 row is being given a whole page. Here is my current code: (top= 10; bottom = 153) Function...
  19. M

    Variable paper size for printing

    I'm trying to set the paper size of a worksheet by using a variable from a cell. (see code below) The variable for how many copies works but the paper size does not. If I use the following code (in green) instead on the code in red it works. HELP! Worksheets("RAG Summary").PageSetup.PaperSize...

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