1. NewOrderFac33

    Determining RGB values of each item in the Standard Color Palette

    Good afternoon, Nice for for somebody for a Friday afternoon! :-) I know how to use the 56 .ColorIndex values, and how to set an interior or font color to an RGB value, but does anyone know of a quick way to return the RGB value of each element in the Standard Color Palette (Excel 2016) to a...
  2. sparky2205

    VBA to change tab colour using the palette

    Hi folks, I'm trying to write a macro to allow users to change the colour of a selected tab on a protected worksheet. My plan: • Use an input box to get the tab name from the user and assign it to a variable • Present the user with the colour palette to select the colour (standard or custom) and...
  3. DougRobertson

    Change Font-Color Palette for Comments in Excel 2016

    Hello! Is there a way to change the colors in the Font-Color Palette in each "Comments" area, in Excel 2016? I'm thinking there MUST be a way, but I've been stumped on this for quite a while! With Thanks in advance, ~ DWR
  4. Y

    Change Default Color Palette 2016

    I know this is super easy for most of you. The question is how to change the default color palette theme. Currently I can make the proper changes I want, but it reverts back the next time I open Excel. Thank you,
  5. J

    Fill Colour

    Hello I am looking to create a button on my worksheet, then when it is clicked i want it to prompt to ask what cell to colour then to show the colour palette to choose the interior colour This is all i have so far Sub MyColors() ' brings up the colors dialog...
  6. T

    VBA to ALWAYS see six default colors

    I'm making presentations all day at work. A ton of graphs in excel 2003. I'd like to write VBA, on the global level (meaning its always 'on' whenever I use excel) that makes sure there are six default colors in my palette. So that whenever I want to modify a bar chart, and I pop into the...
  7. F

    Create Palette Summary of Several Tests per Palette

    I am trying to create a summary of testing several tests per "palette", as follows: We test several (generally 7) parts off every palette shipped for multiple parameters (width, height, depth, weight). For each sample number, the sample may fail for any of these four parameters. If it fails...
  8. N

    Tab Color Choice From Form

    I am using an Excel Form, and trying to make the user choose a color for a new tab they are creating. I am currently forcing an input box to pop up when the user adds a new worksheet. The user inputs a name and a new box will pop up asking the user to select a color. I can get the color box to...

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