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    Parsing Number sets to determine rows.

    I am working with an Excel sheet where I need to take numbers from a cell and then parse them to determine what rows to run. An example of the data would be something like this: 2,5-10,20-27 I need to figure out how to build an array of the numbers to determine the correct rows to run. So the...
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    Parse APT, #, Suite from Address

    In Excel 2010 need to have the apt number removed from the address 1 and stored in address 2. EXAMPLE: "8562 WASHINGTON AVE # 8" needs to be separated into two cells. I'm using the function below but need to address "APT" and "Suite" also somehow...
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    Address Formulas: How to separate ### from an address.

    How do you separate ### from address. I am trying to parse into rows a full address. Separating the number into a separate column, Street name into a separate column. Any assistance would be appreciative.
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    Data sorting Questions...

    Hey Excel Ninjas... I have been a silent worshipper of this site for a while but now I have to ask something... I have an issue with a lot of text that can only be dumped by the sytem into one column. The only problem is that it needs to be parsed and sorted by a bunch of different things. I...
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    how to count within a cell

    I need to count the number of commas within a cell so I can insert the proper number of rows below before I parse the value into separate rows. For instance, box, animal, elephant, wood, storage I need to know that there are 4 commas. So I can then insert 4 rows below the line and run the...

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