partial string

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    Partial text match

    Hello, Would really appreciate your kind help here...<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have 2 lists of customer names (from 2 different systems) as a result I have multiple names for the same customer. (even in the same list)<o:p></o:p> So...
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    vlookup partial string

    Hi everyone, I have pulling my hair out searching Google all morning trying to find a way to search company names that don't exactly match. I often need to compare company names that are spelt in many different ways i.e. Acme Inc or ACME Ltd... If I could search upon the first 3-4...
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    Lookup & partial string

    Folks, I have multiple sheets containing personal info which i'm maintaining. Of interest is the data in Excel WorkbookABCD1BilNamaNo. K/PTempat21Ahmad Muttaqin Rabbani bin Abdullah740910-03-5071Penolong Pendakwa Raya Pejabat Pendakwaan Cawangan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Mahkamah Sesyen...
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    Macro for Partial String in Text

    I want to write an macro where it searches for text in a column, but the text may be a partial string. The text is in column B, with account numbers in column A, like this: Column A Column B 1100 Jay 1101 Jack 1102 Jackson 1103 Jacksony 1104...

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