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  1. Err

    Annoyance: : "This Recordset is not updateable" from Pass through query

    Hi, I wrote a dynamic pass through query and I'm getting the annoying pop up saying that "This Recordset is not updateable" I don't want my recordset to be updateable. This is intended. Can it not bother me? Is there something I can do to turn this messaging off?
  2. R

    MS Access pass-through query for Oracle produces incorrect data type field

    MS Access 2003 Oracle 10g Windows 7 I am basically running data updates every night into local MS Access tables from source data tables in Oracle. This worked fine, until some change on the network which produced a timeout error for all append queries that used pass-through queries. In order...
  3. R

    Excel VBA Add Named ranges with passed through sheet names.

    How can I replace the sheet name with a passed through named variable? MasterWB.Names("HC_Results").RefersToR1C1 = _ "=OFFSET(Results!R1C1,0,0,COUNTA(Results!C1),COUNTA(Results:Results!R1))" Does't work when I just do this: MasterWB.Names("HC_" & wsR & "").RefersToR1C1 = _...
  4. D

    SELECT INNER JOIN query from multiple AS400 data sources with ADO?

    My current Access + Excel solution: I use an Access database to create two pass through queries. Each pass through query selects records from different AS400 data source. I then use a third (regular... not pass through) query to INNER JOIN the two tables on a common field. The records returned...
  5. S

    how to save Passthrough Query result

    I have a pass-through query that is running on a remote database (through ODBC connection). If I try to save the results of the query, it gets saved to the remote database and not on my Machine. How can I save these results on my local machine. Due to IT restrictions I am not allowed to save...
  6. lmonaghan

    Dynamic Pass Through Query in VBA

    I have created several pass through queries in Access, but I would like to execute one in VBA because I want to create a dynamic SQL string. I am using Access 2007. Here is the existing SQL I am using in my pass through query (Oracle 11g): SELECT ticket_id, short_code FROM...

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