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    Showing *** rather then characters when entering password

    Hi All, I use some code which I found here to unhide and unhide tabs which also requires a password, however I was wondering is there any way that when I enter the password it just shows up as ********** as it would in normal scenarios where you have a password as the below allows the letters...
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    Password character hide

    I want to create a macro that can accept a string in a form but hide the entered characters as they are typed. Essentially just like a normal log in, can't seem to find how in vba. Thx
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    ADDING A PASSWORD AT THE BEGINNING OF CODE. No straight answer on forum.

    I have looked at several post and have not been able to find a concrete answer for this problem. There needs to be a masked password to be entered at the beginning of some code before if can continue to run. I have found and am currently using If UCase(InputBox("Enter Password")) <> "1288"...
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    "Passwords" in a document?

    Ok, so I'm working on an excel project for my mom. She wants an excel sheet of all the websites she's a member of and the passwords she's using for each site. However, she wants the passwords to show up as "*******" so that anyone who just looks at the sheet over her shoulder doesn't know what...

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