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    Use VBA to insert password to lock sheets

    Hello all you experts out there, I have this code and it works for the most part except for the password. The code itself works but when I go to unlock the sheet it doesn't ask me for the password. So it doesn't seem to add it in. Can you please check it out and see what I am missing? THANK YOU...
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    Helpp - Excel VBA check HTTP authetication Login

    Hello Guys, I’m Sergio Hope someone can help me; I work for a local Maintenance Telecomunication company in Brazil. My problem, we are responsible for the maintenance of 144 internal security system (internal equipment CCTV, dor alarms) Everyday a new Login and Password is automatically...
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    Workbook password and a delection of the entire workbook time sensitive with a specific date.

    I am looking to protect my written program in mircosoft office excel 2013/365. I am allowing others to use my program for a given time frame, but I want to protect my interest in the program I have written. I want to allow a user to use my program for a limited time frame only. I already...
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    Prevent work sheet from auto locking on exit

    Hi , I have an excel workbook with 12 worksheets. each worksheet is password protected. I know the password, after I unlock the sheets and save&close, when i open again the sheets are locked, I would like the sheets to be unlocked even after exit, can any one help me please Thanks in advance;
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    Modifying Code so * shows up in password box

    The code below shows the password as it is entered. Could someone show me how to edit it were it will just show the *. This is for a specific macro Im protecting.
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    Password Protection

    I am running Excel 2007 on Windows XP. A company sends me a worksheet everything month which is password protected and they provide me with the password. After I have done what I need to, I email it back to them and then I save a copy of my files WITHOUT the password. For the life of me, I can't...
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    Forgotten workbook password

    Please help! When password protecting an excel sheet (using the 'password to open' option), by pure fluke I think, I have mis-typed the password twice because it was accepted when I set the password but it is now not unlocking when I type what I believe to be the correct password that I set...

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