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    rearranged cells in Excel insert and crash

    Hello all, I use Excel for Mac 2011 on a 3 year old MacBook Pro 17". A few months ago, I had open two Excel worksheets that were a tab-delimited text (.txt) file and a regular file (.xlsx) (a Word document file [.docx] was open in the background). I copied around 850 cells from the .xlsx...
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    Help with copying data to another worksheet

    Hi all, I have a macro which I want to search through a list of dates in a range, and for each date found where the given criteria is met, paste the column header into another sheet in the same workbook. Here is my code... <code> Sub compile() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
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    Transferspreadsheet + recd's w/dup'd keys inserted in new table:'Paste Errors'

    I am using Docmd.Transferspreadsheet to append a large Access table with a data from an Excel table. Once duplicate values are recognized in any field that should hold unique values I would like to initiate an event that opens a message box that says something like,"Records that Microsoft...
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    Losing Data when Importing from Excel to Access

    I am working in an Access Database and have pasted data from Excel. I did not receive any paste errors, but found that there was a bunch of data missing from the Access table. After reviewing, it appears that the excluded records included quotes in the description field. I figured out how to...

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