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    Simple Copy Paste Formula Question

    Hi, I have a question, in my A1 cell thare is a value 35 no formula but if I copy it then paste > formula to B1 the value 35 from A1 is also copied why is that? I was expecting blank. Thanks
  2. W

    VLOOKUP that returns a Formula instead of value

    Hi there, I am trying to do a VLOOKUP in my Table that will return a formula instead of the value. Or I am very open to any other recommendation that could resolve my problem. Here is what I have. Consider that I am using Tables as my actual tables are much bigger than what I have here and...
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    Excel need to copy, alt tab to IE then paste and alt tab back, then move down and copy again.

    Hello im trying to populate an IE page with an excel macro, by copying a cell value, alt tabbing to the IE page, pasting the value in the IE, then alt tabbing back to the excel, and moving down one and repeating this function over again. so far i have this code that doesnt work on the IE page...
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    Cell referencing AciveSheet when pasting formula into another workbook

    Hello there, I'm having trouble cell referencing my active workbook in a formula I wish to paste into another workbook. I think it may be a syntax error but unfortunately I cannot spot problem. (currently only the formula appears in the destination cell but not the data. It's just a...
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    VBA Paste Formulas Across Worksheets to Last Row of Data

    Hi, I have a macro that splits my data by column x and pastes it into new worksheets for each unique item in column X. However, while the formatting is preserved I lose all the formulae. Is there a way of preserving the formulae while I do this? Or would I need to create a separate macro to...
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    Paste Special nightmare

    Hello all, I have this issue where when I want to paste what i have copied i no longer can access the paste special buttons, i only have the posibility to paste as text, i can not paste formular for example. I tried check/uncheck the show paste options button, i tried adding the menu to...
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    Paste a formula in to a column for only certain number of rows

    Hi, I have a formula field say in C1(Concatenate(A1, B1)). I want to copy that formula on to the same or new column(C or D) but only till 13000 rows. If I just try pasting the formula by selecting the column on top, the formula gets pasted on 1048576(max) rows, which I don't want, as I just...
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    copy-paste functions to new workbook problem

    I am programming a macro to copy-and-paste a worksheet from a master workbook (CSA.xlsx) to a daily update, however when I paste the worksheet, all the functions refer to the master (CSA.xlsx) workbook: copy: =(COUNTIFS('All Tech ID'!$B:$B,G7,'All Tech ID'!$N:$N,"Y"))/COUNTIFS('All Tech...
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    Formula changes on paste

    I have dozens of identical workbooks. I want to add a worksheet to all of them that is a summary of the data in the workbook. When I copy the formulas from my example workbook into the other workbooks, the pasted formulas refer back to the example workbook instead of the workbook I pasted the...

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