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    Formatted Work Sheet

    I have some work sheets, which I maintain, that a couple of my colleagues also use and they copy some of their data into my worksheets. My work sheets are formatted and have some formulas in them and when they copy data into them, they use the paste function, not the paste values functions...
  2. S

    Paste Values rather than formula VBA

    Hi, I have some code where its picking data from one sheet and dropping it into another. However i just have a small issue with one piece as its pasting the actual formula rather than just the values. can someone advise with what I am missing or what I need here to do it? Sub Copyover...
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    Merge “Paste Values only” VBA code with “force macros” VBA code and place the code into ThisWorkbook

    I am creating a spreadsheet in Excel 2003 for my users and have following two requirements. 1) Allow users to have Paste Values only and disable all other Paste options; 2) Force users to enable macros in a workbook I found following two VBA codes on internet that are working...
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    Wanting to use a macro to copy from a list and paste values in a filter... Any help is appreciated.

    Looking to use a macro to index down a list copying the value and toggle to a worksheet and paste value into the filter to look at different project details .. Any ideas on how to use a macro to filter for one specific project would be appreciated.. Thanks,:eeek:
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    Possible Paste Excel Bug?

    Hi All, I have scanned this forum a few times over the past few weeks and have found lots of handy tips to help me with a spreadsheet I've been working on for a Football Predictions League that we do at work. I am hoping that someone may be able to give me a bit of help with an issue I have...
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    Paste as Values

    Hi Everyone, I have a macro that Pastes everything as values, Deletes Buttons and deletes Hidden Data. Sub Prepare_Workbook() Dim lp As Double Dim wsht As Worksheet Dim Buttons As Object Dim Calc As String Calc = Application.Calculation Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual...
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    Why Can't I paste special > Values in my macro?

    Hi All, For some reason I'm unable to paste special --> Values in my macro so I can keep the formatting where I'm pasting it. I used the macro recorder to get the code but when for some reason it doesn't work. However if I use a normal paste, it works fine. :confused: Here is the code: Sub...
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    how to paste special (value only) with the help of formula

    Dear Sir, I just like to ask, is there any way to paste speical (only value) with the help formula. we dont want to use mouse right click then select special paste. .we want to past only value by fomula, is it possible? pls help. Thanks

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