pdf files

  1. R

    How to save multiple excel sheets as separate pdf files in different names?

    Hi, I have 1 workbook with 12 excel sheets. Each contains an invoice, and i need to export all sheets to different PDF files and under different names. Eg. Sheet 1 - > Invoice 01 ---> Invoice01.pdf Sheet 2 - > Invoice 02 ---> Invoice02.pdf Sheet 3 - > Invoice 03 ---> Invoice03.pdf Sheet 4 - >...
  2. E

    Loop through all Sub Folders and copy data in .txt files into individual tabs

    Hi all, Quickly : There are folders for each month of the calendar year and in those month's folders are sub-folders which belong to various companies. In the company's folder are more folders which holds .txt files that I need the the contents to be extracted from. Essentially, in folder "03...
  3. N

    Routine shows list of PDF files in a windows folder but only to a certain file name length

    I have a piece of code to list PDF files that I am using from the answer on this thread Fill a combo box with filenames in a directory. It works until a certain condition is met; I have noticed that the files do not get picked up/shown when the file name length is beyond a certain length. The...
  4. C

    Open PDF based on Cell Value

    Hi All, I am looking for a macro that will open up a pdf file based on the value of a given cell. The macro will be run as a button, along with some other macros. An example of my data is provided below. <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Code Name Sector Recommendation Transaction Subsequent Holding...
  5. A

    PDF Table copy paste in excel

    Hi everyone, I need you help here. I have PDF table and I want to past in excel then some mistake in text like below. <colgroup><col width="64"></colgroup><tbody> animals ? 2015, wild?area - ?forms </tbody> So any one can help for this solution. :confused::confused::confused:
  6. H

    Macro to Copy PDF Files to Destination folder based on cell information

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for one assistant....I have folder which contains 100+ PDF files and these file names I have it in my excel say it start from A2 cell... I would like to move PDF files to different folder based on PDF file name which is there in the excel sheet.... For Example: If A2...
  7. E_DPSG

    Error During Print call

    Hi - I am receiving the following error when calling the print function: "Can't Enter Break Mode at this time" With the options to : [Continue] [End] [//Debug//] [Help] The debug option is disabled. Code: ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat _ Type:=xlTypePDF, _...
  8. L

    Page Breaks and Saving to PDF

    Hi All, I have a large spreadsheet with a lot of form results. I want to separate the data by the individual that took the data, and send them the results with some follow up work instructions. So I have about 75 folks that took the data and the data is 1000's of records. I want a fast way...
  9. R

    Excel 14.2.5 for Mac - Workbook saves in separate PDF even when Save Entire Workbook is selected. WHY?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and after spending hours last nite using google to search for anyone else with this issue... I decided that this may be the BEST place to get my problem answered. My printer drive is up to date as well as my excel software. When I try to save a workbook (5 sheets...
  10. A

    Copy PDF data to excel

    Hi, I have to open each pdf file in a specific folder, select and copy all contents and paste it in column 'A' of a new workbook. I have tried following code but not worked...:confused: Sub ConvertPDF(control As IRibbonControl) Dim AdobeApp As String Dim AdobeFile As String...
  11. N

    Outlook Macro Save Only PDF Attachments and mark Email as read

    Hi I’m new to VBA and I really have no idea what I’m doing so here I am looking for help from the pro’s I found this script online and though it would be useful, I made some changes to it however I’m having issues getting it to do exactly what I want. The below works to a point, it will...
  12. P

    Hyperlink cell values to files

    Hi, Each week I receive a list in excel with over a 1000 of numeric values, which need to be [hyper]linked to different pdf files located inside the same folder [ "C:\folder\"]. Last time, I had to do them by hand and that was not fun at all :laugh:. Could somebody please help me with a...
  13. G

    Displaying a PDF file using the AcroPDF controller via a hyper link

    Hi Guy's, Windows XP Excel 2003 this one I’m sure will have a simple solution, but for some reason I can't find one, still pretty new to vba so trying my best her, but spent best part of 5hrs on this and I’m sure I’ve prob wasted allot of time. The code below easily displays the referenced...

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