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    Macro to save worksheet as .pdf has stopped working, unsure of cause

    Hello, I've been using a macro to save unique invoices as pdf files to distribute to vendors. My macro used to work, but now does not. After attempting to use macro by hitting the button I've created, I receive the error 'Microsoft Visual Basic 400' I'm unsure of how I've fouled what useful...
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    Update PDF Print Macro

    Hi, I have a very simple macro to print multiple worksheets to separate pdfs. It works fine but I need to clean up the results. I was hoping to get some help from the experts on this forum. I am printing customer invoices with each worksheet. Here is the current code. Sub...
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    Help w/simple two step macro - Excel 2013

    Hey there, I'm using Excel 2013, and hoping you can help me piece together the code to create a simple macro. I have an Excel spreadsheet that acts as a simple statement generator by populating a number of cells based on a VLOOKUP against a master list of account numbers. The user enters the...
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    SaveAsPDF Macro - Syntax Error

    My Code for Saving an Invoice Template to PDF at a specified location is - Sub SavePDF() ' pdf Macro Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Invoice").Select Range("A1:A52").Select ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, FileName:= _ "G:\Electronyx...
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    print range to a PDF file with a name set in a cell containing path\filename.pdf

    Hi I am using 2003 version of Excel. I am trying to write macro run by clicking a "control button" that will choose "Adobe" as the printer, go to a particular cell to pick up the path & filename and store it to a variant and then I want to print the pre-set range in the worksheet to a PDF file...
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    Save As PDF Macro with a twist

    I am a beginner at Excel here and i realize the potential for this program is crazy high. I need to create a macro that will allow me to save a PDF from an XL file I am creating by running a report out of Access. This report yields a workbook with 2 sheets in it. The first tab (sheet) called...
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    Save as PDF Macro

    Hi all, I'm looking for something simple that will personalize a client statement, PDF it, then do a loop and personalize the next statement. I consider myself pretty advanced with Excel functions, but just don't know VBA well enough yet. I have an "Client Statement" template in one sheet...
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    Print to PDF with Naming Convention

    I've been helped so many times before by others posts, but I cannot find anything to make this process efficient. I'm looking to print to pdf to a specific location, which will be the same for all files, and save file name as cell C4. If possible I'd like something that can loop through the...
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    ANSWER! How to create an excel to PDF macro with auto filename

    After much searching and many times of trial and error, I have finally found a macro that will quickly and easily convert an excel worksheet to PDF and automatically do a save as with a filename based on content in a specified cell. Hope it works for you as well as it works for me! The...

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