1. gheyman

    IIF statement with an AND and an OR

    Is this correct? MONTH1_PDL: IIf(((DateDiff("m",[PDIR Due Date],Now()))>1) And ((DateDiff("m",[PDIR Completed],Now()))=<1) Or ([PDIR Completed] Is Null),1,0) I need the first condition met and only one of the next two to true [PDIR Due Date],Now()))>1 Needs to be True AND [PDIR...
  2. gheyman

    Formula in a Query in the Feild

    In design mode you can enter a column and make it a formula (example: MONTH1_PD: IIf([PDIR Completed] Is Null,DateDiff("d",[PDIR Due Date],Now()),"") This is just an example I'm need a rather complex formula I need a formula that says IIF [PDIR Completed] >= [PDIR Due Date], "1","0" But...

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