1. N

    Average Data without any peaks or outliers

    I want to do formula for an average of L12W Sales without any outliers or peaks or bottom. What would the formula be? For example, here is last 12 weeks sales. I want it to average the sales in between 45-75 not taking 2,3,150,250 into the average. <tbody> 50 2 150 75 45 48 65 52 250 55 3 60...
  2. D

    Identifying major peaks and troughs

    Looking for excel formula(s) to identify major peaks and valleys. I've been using use slope combined with if, sign and vlookup to identify the peaks and troughs. My issue is there are too many peaks and troughs some of which occurring for consecutive y points. Is there a way to only show the...
  3. R


    Hello, I have a large set of data as a function of time, and I am trying to figure out the number of peaks in the data. However, there is some noise in the data that I would like the formula not to count as peaks by entering a certain threshold that the peaks must be above to be counted peaks...
  4. K

    Macro to transfer data from sheet1 to sheet2

    Hi, I've done a lot of searching and I can't seem to find a macro to do what I need. I'm using Excel 2016 on a Windows7 system. I want to transfer the data from sheet1 to sheet2 but I need transfer the peaks into the correct peak# slots in Sheet2. My example Sheet1 includes a small portion...
  5. C

    Days between peaks

    Hi, I'm seeking a solution for conditionally counting the days between max values. In the example below, I'm trying to construct a conditional formula for the "DaysUnderPeak" column. This column would output the text "new peak" if the "Peak"(B) value is higher than the previous Date's(A) peak...
  6. M

    Identify Peaks and Troughs in a Price Return

    Hi, first time user, therefore apologies if i am re-posting that which has been posted before. I have the net cumulative total return daily series for the FTSE 100 and i am trying to write a formula that will calculate the peaks and troughs from start date to latest date. So my dates are in...
  7. R

    How to extract x/y pairs for minima & maxima below and above defined thresholds? (Excel 2007)

    Hi, I'm working with a large data set with paired values. Simply, column A is the x value (time) paired with the neighboring y value (signal) in column B. I'm seeking to only retrieve the x-y pair (in columns G & H, respectively) when y >= a certain threshold for maxima and y <= for minima...
  8. S

    Peak and Trough Analysis

    I have read a significant amount of the posts on peak and trough analysis in this forum, but still haven't identified a solution for my particular needs. I have a series of data where I would like to identify the newest high and relevant low reached between the new highs. I would then like to...
  9. P

    Identifying peaks and troughs by analysing four columns.

    Hi, I am fairly new to Excel so would really appreciate some help with this problem. I am using Excel 2007 running on Vista. I have been trying to come up with a formula to determine peaks and troughs according to four conditions listed below. Here is a samlpe of a data set- Excel 2007...
  10. B

    help! - multiple maximum values

    Hi I have conducted a test measuring force over time (10 millisecond intervals) giving 5000 rows of results. The force peaks roughly every 200 rows and I want to display this in a table. If I just do a MAX (A1:A5000) I only get one maximum, if I do MAXA(A1:A5000,2) then the value is just the...

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