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    weekdaty Average IFs formula

    Hello, I'm having trouble with the formula below, Im getting "Too few arguments" . Where am i going wrong with the formula below? CELL H2 FORMULA =IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS(C2:C11,"<>100%", C1:E1,G2,A2:A11,H1)"CHECK") <tbody> a b c d e f g H I J K L M N O P Q R 1 Name John Jacob Jill 1 2...
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    Running percent change formula for time series

    Hello! This is my first post in this forum. I am very happy to be part of it and learn a lot of Excel from all your knowledge and experience :) Is there a way to automatically change the cell references in order to calculate the running percent change, when the year changes? (see row 3) For...
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    Variance Report Percentage Error

    Hello Board, I am adding a percentage variance column in excel to our monthly P&L. COL A = Actual COL B = Budget COL C = $Variance COL D = %Variance My issue comes when I have $0.00 in both COL A and B (no budget or variance in that month), I want a 0% not the 100%. Here is the formula I...
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    Percent Change Between Two Percents but Have One that's 0.00% and 0.00%

    My clients have asked for a report that tracks the % change in error rates from one month to the next for their regions. They have specifically asked that if an error decreases, the % should read with a " - " for easier viewing. For example, Region 1 went from a 9.09% error rate in February to...
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    Calculating % increase/decrease using average function

    I am trying to find the average of a data set, then subtracting by singular data point and dividing by same data point. Ideally =average (New Value - Old Value) / Old Value = Percent Change. The data is monthly tallies of orders a team has qualified. I am looking to average the past months, to...
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    Completion Rate using ActivX Checkboxes

    I want a percent returned in Cell E2 after it looks through column E7:E287 and if the ActivX checkbox in that column is checked, I want it to increase the completion percentage in Cell E2. What is the formula that I would use for this?
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    Conditional Formula: As more data is entered the range of cells in calculation changes

    In E5-E16 I have data from one year. In Column H5-H16 I have the same data type for the next year. I want to see the year to date increase/decrease in percentage which for each month I have Calculated in Column "I" as =(H5-E5)/E5 and so on down through E16. I have data complete and in all...
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    Vba: Find a percent change using a dynamic range

    Greetings, I have a table in the range D14:N28. I wrote a macro that appends a new year of data at row 14, which increases the range of the table to D14:N29, and calculates the percent change for each column in row 31 (e.g. (D14-D29)/D29 ect.). The problem is that I need the formula to be...
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    Calculating percentage change with 0 values?

    Ok. Here is the situation. I have two columns that I need to calculate the percentage change.. Column G is year 2010 Column F is year 2011 Column I is percentage change from G to F (cell is formatting for percentage) The values in G and F can range from .5966 to 1.56, including a value of...

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